Evergreen Campus Will Host ‘Family Science Night’ On Tuesday, Jan. 25th

White Center’s Evergreen High School campus will be hosting a “Family Science Night” on Tuesday, Jan. 25th, from 6pm – 8pm in the Evergreen Cafeteria.

Science teachers from all three schools at the Evergreen campus (HS3, TEC, and AAA) will be present, and all parents/guardians are encouraged to attend with their student.

Parents will participate with their students in science experiments.Evergreen Campus Science Night.

A variety of science stations will be set up to give families a sense of what students are learning and how they’re learning in science classes on campus.  Families will participate in different science activities and learn from their students.

Evergreen’s campus is located at 830 SW 116th Street in White Center.

For more information, contact Ann Morris at 206-631-6248 or Bethany Sjoberg at 206-631-6295.

Here’s more from the Highline School District website:

Have you ever wanted to use chemicals to make an explosion?

Do you want to know how fireworks work?

Have you ever wanted to play with a rubbery egg?

Do you want to observe the stars and the moon?

Try all of these things – and more!

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