New Bar/Restaurant ‘Company’ Holding Soft Opening Wednesday Night

A new bar and restaurant will be premiering later this week in White Center called Company, and they’re seeking your company for their “soft opening” this Wednesday night, Jan. 26th (read our previous coverage here and here).

The team behind this venture has been working hard for quite a while, and this is a big week as they’re finally opening their doors.

On Wednesday night they’ll have samples from their menu available from 5pm to 7pm, along with happy hour specials all night.  Also, beginning Thursday at 4pm they’ll be hosting a continuous ‘4-day Happy Hour,’ which will continue through Sunday at midnight.

Their “official” Grand Opening is on Thursday, January 27th, but on Wednesday you can get a good taste of what the joint will be like.

We’ll be there, so be sure to come on by and check out the Dub-C’s hippest new hangout, with perhaps the funnest slogan ever:

Awesome just went south.

From their Facebook Page:

OK, everybody. We, here at Company, have been real quiet for a real long time. We weren’t trying to ignore you or to keep you out of the loop, we just got tired of posting job site photos and declarations of small victories, and decided we’d hold out until we could deliver real news. So…that took a while. Summer quickly turned to fall and fall to winter. We could bore you with tales of curveballs, detours, and hoop jumping, or s…tories of twice as much work that took twice as long, but we won’t because we are opening the bar! It’s true. Not we might open the bar, or we’re going to open in 2 weeks, or now’s not a good time to ask, but we are opening the bar, for real on Thursday, January 27th.

This project took a long time. No doubt about it. We tried to think of everything and we did the best job we could with the resources we had. We are now making the transition from job site to bar, and even though most of our tools are still here and our punch list is still pretty long, we can clearly see the end. That’s because the end is on Thursday, like I said, and nothing is going to stop that train. We don’t even want to stop it, or slow it down or anything of the kind. We are ready, and we can’t wait to open the doors! We’ve done a couple of practice runs and as it turns out, it works. Drinks can be poured and food can be served. Our staff is superbad and everybody here is ready to do work.

What we want you to know is we have spent the past many months building this bar for you. We designed Company to be enjoyed. We want you to have a good time here. Have parties. Meet friends. Make friends. Eat. Drink. And so on.

We are done building it. The rest is up to you. Come down and make it awesome.

Company Staff

ps. In appreciation of your patience, loyalty and continued support we are opening with a continuous 4-day happy hour, starting on Thursday at 4pm and ending on Sunday at midnight. See you soon.

pps. Oh, yeah. We are located at 9608 16th Ave. SW Seattle, Wa 98106. Our hours are: Sunday-Thursday 4pm-midnight Friday-Saturday 4pm-2am, 21+

Here are some sneak peek pics from their Facebook Page:

The 'Company' crew (from L to R): Mike Horgan, Click Clack, Jordan McDonald, Steve Enson, Jesse Lovell

More information available at their Facebook Pages:

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