UPDATE: White Center House Fire Lights Up Pot Plant Operation

UPDATE MON. 1/24/11 9:30am: The King County Sheriff’s Department revealed Monday morning (Jan. 24) that a Sunday morning fire in a single family residence did more than burn up the house – it sent a good-size, illegal marijuana grow operation up in smoke as well.

As we previously reported, the fire was reported about 1am Sunday morning (Jan. 23rd), in the 10400 block of 10th Ave SW.

Responding firefighters called the Sheriff’s Office after they found the marijuana grow operation in the basement of the residence as they were knocking down the fire. There were about 55 medium size plants, lights, timers, ventilation equipment, and other growing supplies in the house.

No one was home at the time of the fire and there were no arrests.

A fire investigator from the Sheriff’s Office believes an electrical malfunction (!) was the likely cause of the fire.


KING5.com is reporting that a house fire on 10th Ave SW in White Center early Sunday revealed more than burned belongings – it exposed a marijuana grow operation.

The blaze started just after 1am Sunday morning, and after firefighters quickly put the flames out they searched the residence and found pot plants growing in several rooms.

No one was hurt, and there’s no word on how many firefighters got the munchies.

The King County Sheriff’s Department is investigating, but have made no arrests so far.

Read KING’s full report here.

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