PHOTOS: Scenes From ‘Soft Opening’ Of White Center’s Latest Bar, Company

Story & Photos by Gina Bourdage

The wait is over for the much anticipated ‘Company’ bar in White Center, which held a “Soft Opening” with plenty of “test customers” Wednesday night, Jan. 26th.

True to the recent influx of funky artsy businesses that have drawn loyal crowds and neighborhood newcomers, this soon to be destination bar fills a much-needed void in the community.

Local business owner of the 3.14 Bakery, Jessica Haury, gave a strong two thumbs up on the Cosmos, while owners  of Full Tilt ice cream, Justin Cline and Ann Magyar, enjoyed some frosty brews and intriguing art (check out the pic below of the Cindy Lauper album hand painted across the ladies bathroom ceiling).

Company has been a labor of love and sweat with a lot of work done by the owner Jesse. Exposed wooden ceilings, soft industrial hanging lights don the bar and artfully-weathered seating keeps you comfortable and interested at the same time.

If it’s been a while since you stopped by the heart of White Center, do it now. You will see a lot of things have changed…for the better.

Company has its official grand opening Thursday, January 27th, and is located at 9608 16th Ave SW in White Center.

Here are some pics taken by on scene WCB’s Gina Bourdage:

A well-stocked, well-lit barback compliments a gorgeous wooden bar.

Inlaid wood can be seen in the ceiling as well.

Art lines the walls as 'test customers' get their drink on Wednesday night.

More art on the other wall...

...and something you probably won't see on any other local website – a pic of the art on the ceiling of the ladies' room!

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