Live Webcam Allows Viewers To See Progress On Strength of Place Village

Our friends at the White Center Community Development Association alerted us that the Strength of Place Village (SOPV) project, underway at the corner of SW 100th and 13th SW now has a live webcam showing the site construction progress, courtesy of Absher Construction Company.

There are many features to the camera, including a live image, archived images by calendar day/month, and the ability to print and save photos/videos:

There’s also a pretty cool time lapse option, which allows users to see all live images taken at once. They will post updated time lapse photos every two months.

Currently, the photos are updated every 13-15 minutes, and the projected construction completion is scheduled for September.

Here’s more info from the WCCDA:

We are currently about 25% complete and are about to begin the framing on all three buildings. This spring, as we are closer to 50% construction completion, we will be organizing various events for the community here including a site walkthrough and a pre-leasing intake meeting for future residents. We are also currently accepting applications for construction workers and a Resident Manager for the property. For more information on these positions, please contact Patty Julio at the White Center CDA at (206) 694-1082 or via e-mail at [email protected]

For more information on the Strength of Place Village project, please see these previous White Center CDA blog entries:

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