Here’s The Agenda For Thursday’s North Highline Area Council Meeting

REMINDER: The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council will be holding its monthly meeting this Thursday, March 3rd, beginning at 7pm.

The meeting will take pace at the North Highline Fire Station, located at 1243 SW 112th Street.

It is free and open to the public.

Two items of interest include:

  • The potential combining of the White Center and Boulevard Park libraries (read our previous coverage here).
  • An annexation update – will Seattle continue to decline in annexing the rest of White Center?

Here’s the full agenda:

North Highline Fire Station  1243 SW 112th St.  Seattle, WA  98146
March 3, 2011

7:00 p.m.   Call to order
Flag salute
Roll call
Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes
7:05 p.m.   Public announcements
7:10 p.m.   Public comment – 3 minutes for individuals
5 minutes for groups
7:15 p.m.   Mike Martin, Burien City Manager
7:20 p.m.   KCSO Capt Joseph Hodgson – Crime Stats
7:35 p.m.   Jennifer Wiseman – King County Library System
8:15 p.m.   Treasurers Report
8:20 p.m.   Corresponding Secretary Report
8:25 p.m.   Committee Reports

1.  Governance
2.  Arts and Parks
3.  Public Safety
4.  Housing and Human Services
5.  Public Outreach
6.  Transportation
7.  Steve Cox Memorial

8:35 p.m.   Unfinished Business
UAC’s Elections
8:40 p.m.   New Business
Annexation Update

NHUAC MEMBERS:  Pat Price – District 1:  Stephen Porter, Heidi Johnson – District 2:Jessica Stoneback –  District 3:  Ron Johnson, Christine Waldman – District 4:  Douglas Harrell, Barbara Dobkin, Rebecca Lopes, Patrick Mosley, Richard Miller – At large.

COUNCIL OFFICERS:  President – Christine Waldman   Vice President – Heidi Johnson  Treasurer – Ron Johnson   Corresponding Secretary – Pat Price

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