Dept. Of Health Expects ‘No Public Health Risks’ Here From Japan Radiation

On Saturday (March 12), the Washington State Department of Health announced that it is “conducting ongoing air monitoring for radiation to see if the nuclear plant incident in Japan has affected radiation levels in Washington. There have been no elevated readings.”

This statement is in response to an explosion that injured four, as well as a possible meltdown, at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which was damaged by what’s being called Japan’s strongest-ever earthquake.

The agency also adds that its Radiation Protection staff “expects no public health risk in Washington, and the monitoring is precautionary. If the situation changes in Washington, the Department of Health will inform the public.”

The nuclear plant incident at the Fukishima in the wake of Friday’s devastating earthquake in Japan has raised concerns among some people in Washington about windblown radiation coming to our state. The agency says that ‘air sample readings in our state remain normal,” and that “the Department of Health Radiation Protection Program doesn’t expect any change in environmental measurements taken in Washington.”

Even in the event of a significant release from the reactor, radiation would be diluted before reaching our state and levels would be so low no protective action would be necessary. The state health department will continue its monitoring work as the situation in Japan develops and changes.

Here’s a video showing the explosion at the plant:

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