White Center ‘Polite Robber’ Pleads Guilty To Armed Robbery

Gregory Paul Hess, branded as the “Polite Robber” for an armed robbery at a White Center gas station Feb. 5th (read our previous coverage here), pleaded guilty to Robbery First Degree Tuesday morning.

Hess, 65, got the nickname because of his polite demeanor during the robbery, as witnessed in this surveillance video which went viral worldwide:

Here’s a video interview with the victim of the robbery:


As he was robbing him, Hess apologized to the owner, and explained how he needed the money because he had “kids that need to be fed, sir.”

“I really am sorry to have to do this,” Hess can be heard saying. “If I ever get back on my feet again, sir, I’ll bring it back,” he said as he left.

Police say that he told a very similar story eight years ago when he was busted for a series of bank robberies.

Hess will be sentenced April 1st before Judge Sharon Armstrong at the King County Courthouse. He faces a sentence range of 51 to 68 months in prison.

No word yet on whether he thanked the judge or not for listening in court.


One Response to “White Center ‘Polite Robber’ Pleads Guilty To Armed Robbery”
  1. Ashleigh says:

    I know this gas station owner and i feel for him… whether this man was polite to John or not no one deserves to be robbed in times like these… even john struggles

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