Help Knit Sweaters for White Center Babies

Its been one of those damp, cold winters that make all Northwesterners long for Spring.  And while blossoms are bursting out, there are plenty of chilly days left before the weather turns warm.  In the meantime, there are little ones in White Center lacking warm clothes, and there’s a fun and satisfying way to help: the Greenbridge knitting club.

Organized as part of the Communities Active Together initiative (a joint effort by Neighborhood House and the National Institute of Health), the knitting club is a wonderful opportunity to help out, meet others in the community, and learn a wonderful skill.  You don’t need to know how to knit, and you don’t even have to bring your own yarn or knitting needles.  Greenbridge residents and community members have donated ample supplies—yarn, knitting needles, and patterns are all provided—and there are experienced knitters on hand to help you negotiate the learning curve.  The group meets Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Community Room in the Nia Senior Housing complex at Greenbridge.  A Vietnamese translator is often available, and knitters in the club speak Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, and English.  Made up mostly of seniors, the club welcomes knitters of all ages and experience levels, even kids.

On these cold, dreary La Nina days, getting together with others in the community to knit warm sweaters for local babies sounds warming in more ways than one.  Sweaters will be donated to Westside Baby.  And if the sun finally comes out to stay, excess sweaters will be stored for distribution to babies in the fall.  Call knitting club organizer Sarah Bien at (206) 245-6055 if you’re interested in attending the club, as you’ll need to be buzzed in to get into the building.


One Response to “Help Knit Sweaters for White Center Babies”
  1. Spomenka Novakovic says:

    I like to see all my naighbours to come to the Class and do something for sameone who need warmth scarf, sweater, and atc. Our best way to be together, talk, meet each other, and enjoy with a great teacher and great place of neighbourhood. Welcome and be happy.

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