There’s Still Time To Run For The North Highline Unincorporated Council

There’s still time to file to run for the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council if you live in District 1 or District 2 (see District boundaries below).

There will be a special three-day filing period from April 26 – 28 for the upcoming Council election to be held on May 19, 2011.

Applications will be accepted for a two year terms for these two districts, which include:

  • District One: All precincts lying easterly of State Route 509.
  • District Two: All unincorporated area bordered on the north by the City of Seattle, on the south by the City of Burien, on the east by State Route 509 and on the west by 4th Avenue SW.

Here are the full qualifications for candidates filing for district positions:

1) must be at least 18 years of age

2) have their primary residence within the district’s boundaries of  North Highline.

Candidates filing for at-large positions:

1) must be at least 18 years of age

2) they may be a resident of  North Highline

or 3) they do not need to be a resident if they own or are the officially designated representative of real property within the boundaries of North Highline

or 4) they do not need to be a resident of North Highline if they own, operate, or are the officially designated representative of a business or non-profit organization within the boundaries of  North Highline.

NOTE: Officially designated representatives for business/non-profit organizations qualify to serve if they are an employee of the business/non-profit organization, and if the business/non-profit organization provides a letter on business stationery letterhead stating the employee is their chosen representative. Real property representatives must provide a notarized letter from the property owner as their designee.

Here are links to two pertinent documents:

To obtain a Candidate Filing Statement or to learn more about the position contact Barbara Dobkin, Chairperson, Elections Committee at  [email protected], or visit the NHUAC website:

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