Custodian Donates $40,000 To Help Fund Replacement Track At Evergreen

The Highline School District is reporting in its latest newsletter that Tyrone Curry, the Head Custodian and track Coach at White Center’s Evergreen Campus has donated $40,000 to help fund replacement of the track.

Curry presented a personal check to the school board last week.

Tyrone Curry (center) and his wife (center right) present a $40,000 check to the board and superintendent.

Curry apparently can afford such generosity because he won $3.4 million in the Washington State lottery in 2006, but decided to continue both his custodial and coaching jobs at Evergreen.

The total cost of the new, six-lane, rubberized, asphalt track is about $200,000. A King County sports grant will cover $75,000 of the project costs, and the balance is being funded by the school district.

On behalf of all the students and runners in White Center who might use this new track, we say “Thanks Ty!”

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