PHOTOS: Business Leaders Gather At Company For ‘B.O.S.S.’ Happy Hour

White Center-based business leaders gathered at Company Bar Tuesday night (April 26th) to network, talk, nosh and hang out at the monthly ‘B.O.S.S.’ (Business Owners Of Sustainable Support) meeting.

Organized by Aileen Sison, a Realtor for John L. Scott, the meetings happen the last Tuesday of the month at Company, located at 9608 16th Ave SW.

“Other business meetings I’ve been to are like classes,” Sison told us at the event. “But this is like recess!”

Sison, who is also running for a seat on the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, also added:

“I’m just a resident who wants to contribute. I got tired of being sorry for living and working in White Center.”

Here are some pics of tonight’s event, attended by 20 or so people, as shot by Scott Schaefer:

Local businesspeople gathered to talk, nosh and hang out at Company.

Rick Jump, Executive Director of the White Center Food Bank, talks with Nick Webb of Red Wire Services.

The next ‘B.O.S.S.’ networking meeting will be held from 4 p.m. ā€“ 7 p.m. at Company on Tuesday, May 31st.

According to their Facebook Page:

“As business owners of White Center, we are ready and willing to serve as a collective public resource to prioritize the advancement of economic development of the White Center community.”

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