Business Owner’s Car Stolen From In Front Of Her House Thursday Night

Deva Samuels, owner of ‘Fetch Pet Care of West Seattle,’ and an area resident, sent us an email alerting us that her car was stolen from in front of her house in the 9400 block of 12th Ave SW (map below).

The car is a teal-colored 1993 Honda Accord Wagon EX, license plate # ACR4942.

Here’s her email:

Hello Everyone!

My 1993 Honda Accord Wagon, EX, Teal, License # ACR4942 was stolen last night from the 9400 block of 12th Ave SW. The car has a few minor dings and dents. It also has a dog barrier in the back.

I use this car for my dog walking/pet sitting business. Luckily, like every night, I took all my clients keys and info into the house and into our safe. So, besides my roller blades there wasn’t any thing of value in the car. The car may not be worth much to some people but it is the way I survive and pay my bills. I am keeping my fingers crossed that some kids decided to go for a joy ride and that my car will eventually be recovered. We filed a police report but wanted to put it our there for the community, maybe some one would see it.

Please keep an eye out. Thank you.

Deva Samuels
Fetch! Pet Care of West Seattle
(206) 234-4224 Cell
(206) 965-9851 Office

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