Area Resident Savanna May Has Seen Two Loved Ones Suffer From Cancer

by Mariah Acuff

We all have a story…

For almost every person you meet, cancer has affected their lives at some point. For local Des Moines resident Savanna May, it entered her life not just once, but twice. Not only was May’s cousin, Nicole Craig, diagnosed with breast cancer but four years later in 2010, so was May’s stepmother, Holly May. Like so many other loved ones of cancer patients, Savanna describes, “the hardest part was watching them go through painful treatment and not begin able to help with anything”.

Little aspects of daily life, such as a good nights sleep, enjoying food, or being able to curl their hair, were taken from Nicole and Holly as they went through chemotherapy. Yet despite the fear May felt for the outcomes of these two women in her life, the family stayed strong and supportive of one another and even with such a negative stress looming over Nicole and Holly, “their emotions were mostly positive, ‘I’m going to beat this’, attitudes.”

Nearly 9 months after her diagnosis, Savanna’s powerful stepmom is currently in remission, having had her final radiation treatment in March. May’s cousin, Nicole, described as spontaneous and caring, has been cancer free for 3 years. When asked what this experience has taught her, Savanna said,

“It taught me to appreciate small things like sleep, and tasting food normally and generally feeling good…You don’t really think how much you’d miss a good nights rest without pain until you’re up for days because of it.”

This is why she fights.

Why do you?

The annual Highline Relay for Life will be held at the Mt. Rainier High School Track, located at 22450 19th Ave South in Des Moines, the weekend of June 11 – 12, with the main event running from 3pm Saturday until 8am Sunday,

For more information, visit their website here:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mariah Acuff is a Senior at Mount Rainier High School. She is also serving on the Publicity Committee for the Highline Relay for Life.

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