4 Plead ‘Not Guilty’ To Theft Charges At Dead Man’s Boulevard Park Home

Four defendants were arraigned Thursday (July 14) for an alleged burglary and theft at the home a deceased man last month in Boulevard Park (read our previous coverage here).

Kasey L. Guthrie, Dylan M. Lorang, David J. Moore and Justin L. Moore all plead ‘not guilty’ in court at the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

Here are more details from the King County Prosecutor’s office:

  • Charges include Residential Burglary.
  • Bail remains the same, $75,000 for Lorang and $50,000 for both Moore brothers.
  • Guthrie was released on personal recognizance over the State’s objection.
  • Dave Moore and Guthrie have court dates on July 27th, while Justin Moore will next appear on August 1st.
  • Lorang will appear on August 17th at 1:00pm, all at the MRJC in Kent.

As we’ve previously reported:

Leonard Werner, 69, had been dead about two weeks before his body was found by relatives checking on him on June 24th. He lived alone in the 12600 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive, which, despite what other media is reporting, is actually located just north of Burien’s new city limits.

The cause and manner of death is still pending.

According to Sgt. John Urquhart, Werner’s house was ransacked and many of his possessions stolen as he lay dead on the floor. His two cars were taken as well. Some of the stolen items were found by Sheriff’s detectives on the day Werner’s body was discovered at the next door neighbor’s house.

More of Werner’s stolen property was recovered last night, as well as his two stolen cars. However some of the property may have already been sold on eBay.

Yesterday about 3 p.m., detectives located what they believed might be the stolen PT Cruiser under a tarp in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. They obtained a search warrant for the house and recovered stolen property taken from Werner’s residence and made two arrests.

Information gleaned then led them to a house in Normandy Park for a third arrest, and then to a storage warehouse at S. 178th and Des Moines. The second stolen car was found in a storage unit.

The three men, ages 29, 36, and 37, were booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary and Possession of Stolen Property. The investigation is continuing.

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