Letter States That Bob Edgar Has Withdrawn From Burien Council Race

Bob Edgar

by Ralph Nichols

Is Bob Edgar a candidate for Burien City Council Position 4, currently held by Gordon Shaw? Or has he withdrawn from the race?

Edgar filed for office with King County Elections prior to the June 10 deadline but, according to a letter (PDF file) obtained by The White Center Blog, declared two weeks later that he would not seek election.

In a June 20 letter to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), which monitors campaign financing, he stated “I … contacted King County Elections and requested to withdraw from the upcoming election for the Burien City Council position No. 4”:

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King County Elections advised him to contact the PDC, which in turn said he didn’t need to file candidate reporting forms with that agency, “but I did need to send you a letter that stated that I would not be seeking office and would not be accepting and spending funds for this election.

“This letter,” signed by Edgar, “has been written to meet this requirement of your offices.”

In attempting to determine that Edgar was the sender of this letter, and also ask why he withdrew from the council race, the White Center (and B-Town) Blog left several voice messages for him today (July 20), none of which were returned.

Because Edgar advised King County Elections that he was pulling out of the race only after the automatic June 17 cutoff date for withdrawing, his name, by law, will still appear on the Aug. 16 primary ballot along with those of Shaw and challenger Joey Martinez.

It will also remain in Elections’ online voters’ guide (see it online here) as well as in the printed version.

Candidates for election, including local positions, are required to submit campaign finance information with the PDC within two weeks of filing for office.

Edgar did not file with the PDC, as indicated in his letter to the agency, and his name doesn’t appear in the agency’s list of candidates on its website.

In a posted follow-up to a Letter to the Editor posted on our sister site The B-Town Blog on July 18, in which he criticizes the use of “smoke and mirrors” by those in Burien supporting annexation of North Highline, Edgar left the following Comment:

“I did not submit this to The B-Town Blog indicating that I was running for any public office. It is not a campaign statement.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The postscript under Edgar’s ‘signature’ in his B-Town Blog letter which stated “Candidate for Burien City Council Pos. #4” was added by BTB Publisher/Editor Scott Schaefer, who considered it only fitting, considering that he thought Edgar was still a viable candidate.

No one contacted by The White Center (and B-Town) Blog today (July 20) was aware that he had withdrawn as a city council candidate.

We hope Edgar surprises us all by showing up to our upcoming Burien City Council Candidates Forum, set for 7 p.m. Tuesday night, July 26th at the ERAC building, located at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW.

Stay tuned as this story develops…

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