PROFILE: Meet ‘White Center Catalyst’ Aileen Sison

by Margaret Ryan

Someone recently said that Aileen Sison’s networking mixers in White Center are like ‘recess,’ while other similar events are like ‘being in class’.

What makes Aileen’s mixers so much fun is that she spends time with everyone in attendance and helps the attendees get to know each other. Her mixers are held at small businesses in White Center, and her goal is not only to help the businesses, but to get neighbors talking to neighbors. Ultimately, Aileen would like to improve White Center’s ‘image’ and put it on the map as a viable place to live and work.

To that end, Aileen spends an hour or two each day making phone calls, sending emails, posting on social media sites, and cross-marketing with other groups to get people to mingle in White Center.

A native of the neighborhood, Aileen has seen White Center as a ‘no man’s land’…’out of sight; out of mind.’ The struggle to be annexed by either Seattle or Burien has brought this image to a head. But Aileen does not believe in dependency on others. She is circulating a handbook on “How to Incorporate in Washington State” to constituents, as part of a possible solution. “Why not help ourselves first?” she queries. She wants to see White Center as a progressive place, where safety and cleanliness are no longer concerns.

Aileen comes from a family of community activists. He grandfather was a union leader in the Philippines, principal of a school, Lion’s Club president and chair of the water district. Her father, who came to this country in the 1960’s via the Navy, bought a house here and volunteered at the local food bank. Now, Aileen serves on the board of that food bank, as well as the White Center Chamber of Commerce. She recently ran for a position on the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council.

A real estate professional by trade, Aileen gained a lot of her self-confidence helping a family member through challenging times. She learned that she can count on herself to do the job, and often is the only one doing the job. A tireless backroom organizer, she’s taken on tasks no one else would do.

Helping small business in White Center is her first priority. “When business is healthy, so is the neighborhood”, she counsels.

Where will all this effort take her? Well, she’s not in it for personal gain, but if the chance ever came to run for public office, she’d be interested. She’s young, she’s grass roots, and she cares about White Center and its people.

Why not come to her next mixer on Tuesday, July 26, at the Company Bar, 9608 16th Ave. SW, from 4 – 7pm? Or the Family Happy Hour on Saturday, Aug. 27 at the Dubsea Coffee House, 9910 8th SW, from Noon until 3 p.m.. It’s for the entire family, and there are toys for the kids to play with. Say hello to Aileen and your neighbors as well!


4 Responses to “PROFILE: Meet ‘White Center Catalyst’ Aileen Sison”
  1. Steve Shay says:

    I recently learned that Ms. Sison taught school in Harlem, NY. Wow! She sure seems dedicated to enhancing the community. White Center is lucky to have her.

  2. Diana T says:

    Aileen is a great community leader who does a wonderful job of bringing people together, her mixers are well worth attending. Keep up the good work Aileen!

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