LETTER: ‘What Does White Center Need To Get Out Of Its Rut?’

What does White Center need most to get out of its rut? Is it more grants, more money being spent on insular projects that make those living here not give up hope? Is it social services, which, yes, are needed and necessary. Or is it a unified leadership that has the same vision and goals in mind?

While it seems that talk about change coming to White Center has been going on for years, and perhaps there has been significant change, the basic problem remains: why would anyone who doesn’t live in White Center come to White Center? Would a walking map/directory of businesses attract outsiders? Even with discounts on goods and services? There is a grant underfoot to fund such a project. Is this money well spent?

I do not want to give the impression that grants and outside money are not valued and well-used. I just wonder if they are really getting at the heart of the problem. The problem is that outside money going into business owners’ hands is not happening. It is the business owners who can make or break the neighborhood. If they have an attractive storefront, and strong ambiance inside, and give good goods and services, people will come to White Center.

It’s not the ’care taking’ which will make an ultimate difference in White Center. It’s recognizing what the problem really is. And then getting those in the community to agree what it is.

I welcome your suggestions and comments. You know more about White Center than I do.

– Margaret Ryan

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7 Responses to “LETTER: ‘What Does White Center Need To Get Out Of Its Rut?’”
  1. WhiteCenter Library Neighbor says:

    ..for starters, let’s do away with the 17 percent social services burdening our up and coming neighborhood. How abour converting DSHS building into an REI or Wholefoods or light rail station?

  2. foy boy says:

    Run out all the heroin adicts. Bring in a strong gang/police presents and start pushing them out. Try to get the all to quiet asian comunity to start speaking up. T

    • WhiteCenter Library Neighbor says:

      I live next door to someone who knows how to beat the system. cars come and go all hours of the night as well as people coming and going in the house. The electricity was actually shut off for about 2 weeks, perhaps because they were out of the house for 6 weeks. Now, bingo! electricity came on and the foot and car traffic after 11 pm is suspicious. What can be done about landlords who let this go on?

  3. WhiteCenter Library Neighbor says:

    stop giving Section 8 public housing to criminals! Shame on King County Housing Authority, they don’t do background checks on who they dump in our neighborhood!

  4. Thanks for you comments. The problems seem overwhelming, don’t they? Police presence is not a reality, and may never be under county governement. REI and Whole Foods are not going to build here because they are afraid of crime and lack of a thriving marketplace. Its all so self perpetuating. What I would like to propose is something small that could be accomplished this summer. The 3.14 Bakery wants to be a neighborhood hangout. And well it should be. But, in my mind, it needs the interior ‘warmed up’ a little with paint, etc. to become a desirable place to buy and linger. Would anyone care to volunteer to do the painting if we can get the paint? There is an interior designer who ‘owes me one’ who could help choose the colors. If we could get 10 volunteers together, the painting could be done in one or two days. I know we could do it, with a little hard work and a lot of community spirit. As they say, what’s good for one part of the body is good for the entire body. Let’s do it!

  5. Twocentsworth says:

    Is there any possibility that the DSHS building could be converted to a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, maybe a new library location, post office, Metro transit center or light rail station?

  6. BlairJ says:

    To help the White Center business district, we who live in the surrounding neighborhoods should frequently go out of our way to support the beneficial small businesses in the area. And by “support” I mean SPEND MONEY there. Also, increase our visibility by spending some time walking and doing some window shopping, demonstrating that we LIVE In this area, and consider White Center to be our neighborhood business district.

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