CALL FOR ARTISTS: White Center Arts Seeking New Logo/Branding

The newly-formed White Center Arts organization is seeking a new logo/branding, and they’re looking for an image “that is simple enough to translate into black and white, memorable, and meaningful.”

As many of our Readers may recall, White Center Arts is an amalgam of the White Center Arts Alliance and White Center for the Arts – read our earlier coverage here – and they’re willing to pay $100.

The deadline is Sept. 30th, and interested Artists are invited to email [email protected].

Here’s more info from an email we got from Shelli Park, Co-Chair:

Dear Artists,

The White Center Arts Alliance and White Center for the Arts are pleased to announce their merger into White Center’s new arts and cultural organization, White Center Arts. White Center Arts is being established to bring a strong and more cohesive arts and cultural voice to the White Center area. White Center Arts is in the process of developing its’ public face, and we need a logo. We are looking for an image that is simple enough to translate into black and white, memorable, and meaningful.

We know that White Center is on the verge of really great things. We want a logo that reflects this greatness, and the beautiful diversity represented here. We have discussed the idea of a crow as our mascot. They are incredibly clever, they are survivors, have great memories and are an icon unto themselves. We also have admired the CDA’s ribbon circle designed by graphic designer Kathi Wheeler of Noise without Sound. These could be incorporated as the perch/nest the crow sits on perhaps? Colorful Nest: stability, support, plus diversity. Though not traditional rainbow colors, but more earthy colors… We are not married to the idea of the rainbow ribbons, but see how it could be used in our logo somehow. (Maybe the ends of the ribbons in its’ mouth?) These are just thoughts. We are open to other design images, keeping our mission, and an understanding of White Center, in mind.

White Center Arts mission is to promote and maintain a dynamic and diverse arts and cultural environment in and for the greater White Center community.

We will need a couple of different versions of your logo. They need to be formatted for business cards, letterhead, and web-ready in small and large format, etc. If you are an artist with little graphic design experience, but a strong vision, we can work with that. Please let us know in your submission.

White Center Arts is offering what we know is a small stipend of $100.00. We hope that what we plan to offer to the artist community will be the rest of the incentive to help us create a strong, hope- and confidence-inspiring public face.

The deadline is September 30, 2011 at 5:00 PM. Please email your submissions to [email protected]. If you have any questions, or have a hard copy to submit and want to know how, that is the email address to use, as well.

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