Volunteers From Weyerhaueser Help Wash White Center Storefront Windows

On Aug. 11th, volunteer workers from Weyerhaeuser helped the White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA) wash storefront windows of 29 small businesses in downtown White Center.

The volunteer work helps the businesses but also helps beautify the whole community.

These volunteers are part of a Weyerhaeuser employee volunteer program called Making WAVES (Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employees). Their volunteer project could earn WCCDA $1,000 in the form of a Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund grant.


2 Responses to “Volunteers From Weyerhaueser Help Wash White Center Storefront Windows”
  1. Anne Leyva says:

    To post volunteer opportunities for Weyerhaeuser Employee Volunteers, please go to our facebook fan page, http://www.facebook.com/#!/WYMakingWAVES become a fan and post your volunteer opportunities for our Weyerhaeuser employees to see.

  2. Sarah says:

    GO STEPH AND VICKI!!!!!!!!!

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