Fundraiser For ‘Aviation Justice” Set For Sept. 20 At Café Rozella In White Center

The Haggis Brothers will be featured at Café Rozella, 9434 Delridge Ave. in White Center, in a “block-party” fundraiser for Aviation Justice Express Tour 2011 next Tuesday, Sept. 20, 7-9 p.m.

An addition to music, a barbecue and beer and wine, the fundraiser will include speakers, vendors and a raffle. Local politicians have been invited to the event.

Local organizers of Aviation Justice and the fundraiser are anti-airport activists Debi Wagner, who earlier this year published Over My Head, a book about her growing opposition to airports and airlines, and Chris Cain, a Port of Seattle watchdog.

Aviation Justice Express Tour 2011 will stop at Seattle’s Town Hall Wednesday, Oct. 26, with a program against the environmental impacts of aviation on people, property and the planet, including speakers from the United Kingdom.

It will begin in New York with Aviation Justice partners from the UK, where “representatives from impacted communities at airports” in the Northeast will meet with airport and Federal Aviation Administration officials and stakeholders in New York.

The tour will then proceed by rail to Philadelphia, Chicago and on to Los Angeles, traveling up the West Coast to Portland, Seattle and Bellingham.

Their goal “is to raise awareness about aviation impacts and be a collective voice calling for sustainable integrated alternative transportation solutions to so many short-hop flights which are nearly as energy intensive as long haul flights.”

One of their proposed alternatives is high-speed regional rail service between cities.

In the meantime, there will be a “Flash Mob and Puppet” event at the Port of Seattle Commission offices Saturday, Sept. 24. RSVP is requested.

Wagner said persons wishing to donate or help organize the fundraiser can call her at 206-241-1553. To RSVP, e-mail [email protected].

Go to for more information on the national organization, groups, meetings and upcoming events.

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