Local Businessman Now Knows Why ATF Pulled Him Over

by Mark Neuman

Brad Truesdell, as of noon Friday (Oct. 21), had not yet heard of ‘Operation Center of Attention,’ the arrest of more than four dozen violent repeat offenders in White Center (see our coverage here), where he works.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) also collected 68 guns and large amounts of meth and heroin over the recent three months during the initiative.

Truesdell’s first comment upon hearing the news: “I’m glad to see they’re cleaning up the area.”

His next comment: “Hey, now I know why the ATF pulled me over!”

He got pulled over in a good way.

Truesdell is general manager at Malo’s Autobody on 17th Ave. SW, just a few hundred feet south of SW Roxbury Street, where White Center meets Seattle.

“I was taking one of my customer’s vehicles out for a test drive. I drove it around the block about three times as I normally do” one morning about six weeks ago, Truesdell told the White Center Blog.

“Well, the vehicle I was in is a van with tinted windows. I guess I looked suspicious!”

Six “fully armed ATF agents, all dressed in riot gear” pulled Truesdell out of the van “and asked me quite a few questions. Once they realized I was legitimate they apologized and I was on my way.”

Truesdell theorizes the ATF’s goal that day was the pursuit of “illegal tobacco cigarettes” in a house a few blocks west of Malo’s. “They probably wondered if I was part of that house in some way.”

“It’s nice to know (the ATF) is here and doing their job,” Truesdell said.

“I am very pro-Seattle annexation,” Truesdell added. “I tend to think that the criminal element uses the Roxbury (Street) line to their advantage.

“The criminal element keeps White Center down.”


One Response to “Local Businessman Now Knows Why ATF Pulled Him Over”
  1. Dean Fuller says:

    “Looked suspicious” is not enough. They have to articulate facts which cause them to believe you have committed, are committing, or are about to commit a crime.

    But reasonable suspicion and probable cause have never been impediments to the corrupt BATFE.

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