B-TOWN BLOG: Gov. Gregoire Proposes Eliminating Annexation Sales Tax Credit

Our sister site The B-Town Blog is reporting that Burien’s proposal to annex the remaining North Highline Unincorporated Area took a major body blow Thursday (Oct. 27), when Gov. Gregoire proposed eliminating the Sales Tax Credit as a way to offset another $2 billion shortfall in anticipated revenues for the current fiscal biennium.

Burien was counting on getting $5 million per year for 10 years to annex the area. Without that guarantee, annexation may not happen.

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3 Responses to “B-TOWN BLOG: Gov. Gregoire Proposes Eliminating Annexation Sales Tax Credit”
  1. Greg Duff says:

    I have said from the very start of my campaign that I support annexation only if it is financially viable for the City of Burien. A big part of that financial viability is the sales tax credit. Let me be very clear. If the sales tax credit is not on the table, I will not support annexation. The governors proposed budget reduction is just that, proposed.
    There will be a lot of negotiations about annexation before a deal is either approved or rejected. The City of Burien is not obligated to follow through with annexation until the council feels it is a good deal. King County is forcing the annexation and the removal of the tax credit will stop any city from wanting to further annexation. You can rest assured that King County, Snohomish County, and officials from all 7 cities affected will be having meetings with the governor. The Burien City Council has said from the start that there will be a lot of negotiations before a deal is finally struck and this is just one more
    item that we will have to work out.

    Once again let say very clearly that I will not support annexation if it is not financially viable for the City of Burien.

  2. Pat Graham says:

    i support an annexation to Burien to assist homeowners to clean up their property and increase the amount of time that law enforcement can protect our citizen. While we pay taxes that support all services that are available to all King county residence we do not enjoy the full range of restrictions that the City of Seattle has for home owners or the protection offered by law enforcement.

  3. Hotrodgal says:

    I am from Boulevard Park and we

    I DID NOT vote for our annexation. Still can’t figure out how it passed.
    I’ve talked to many and no one voted for it.

    I live in a nice little, quiet area where long-held businesses are now dropping like flies since we became Burien. I believe, because of the annexation.

    I now find there is a whole lot of plans for our area that none of us in Boulevard Park were even aware of… an Auto Mall?

    As for comment from by Pat on the above post…”home owners to clean up their property”
    Assist? or MANDATE?

    Cripes. Maybe measure the neighbor’s lawn for the 5 1/2″ (or whatever)
    height rule? Count their personal cars vs. folks that are at each house?

    Lets look at what rules Burien has given to my community…
    Maybe check the USE of their dog and charge an extra $100 fee
    if it guards anything? (Actual Burien Law)
    Get real.

    White Center doesn’t need the thumb of Burien on its throat that way.

    Burien will get my support when they realize their people and businesses should have a say in how the city is run.

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