ESPN Story Puts You In The Shoes Of White Center’s ‘Joe Citizen’ Tyrone Curry

ESPN has posted a great, in-depth story about White Center’s own ‘Joe Citizen’ Tyrone Curry, the lottery-winning janitor at Evergreen High School who bought a new track on his own dime.

As many people know, Curry won $3.4 million in the Washington State Lottery in 2006.

He then donated a large amount of that money to help build a new track at the school.

Most recently, he was elected to the Board of the Highline School District.

The rest (including the before and after), as they say, is history; here’s an excerpt:

Try walking one day in the janitor’s soiled shoes. Unlock the high school at dawn, like he does. Sweep the hallways on his 60-year-old arthritic knees. Take your coffee break in an office that reeks of Clorox. Clean up after the teenagers who pour ketchup on their mashed potatoes and start a cafeteria food fight. Scour the campus for litter. Spray-paint over graffiti. Sanitize the toilets. Wipe vomit off the bathroom tiles. Do it without wearing gloves or a mask.

Now walk a whole 30 years in the janitor’s soiled shoes, and ask yourself what you’d do if your ship came in, if you were suddenly filthy rich. How long before you’d quit the job? Two seconds? One second? Or would you stick around ā€¦ and clean something else up?

Read the full story here.

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