Here’s The Agenda For Thursday Night’s NHUAC Meeting

Here’s the agenda for this week’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting, to be held Thursday night, Feb. 2 at the North Highline Fire Station at 1243 SW 112th Street:


North Highline Fire Station 1243 SW 112 St. White Center

February 2, 2012

7:00 pm Call to Order – Flag Salute – Roll Call –
Approval of Agenda – Approval of Minutes
7:05 pm Public Announcements
7:10 pm Public Comment
3minutes for Individuals
5 minutes for Groups

7:15 pm Mike Martin, Burien City Manager

7:20 pm Nancy Woodland, Executive Director, Westside Baby

7:40 pm DeAnna Martin, Community Relations Planner
King County Transit

8:00 pm Deputy BJ Myers

8:10 pm Treasurer’s Report
8:15 pm Committee Reports
• Governance
• Arts and Parks
• Public Safety
• Housing and Human Services
• Public Outreach
• Transportation

8:20 pm Unfinished Business/Old Business
• Flower Bed Planting (100 ST & 16th Ave, SW)
• Flag Pole and Flag at SCMP
• Bylaws
• Elections
• Crime Prevention/ Public Safety Group for North Highline (Richard Miller)

8:30 pm New Business
• March/April Agenda items

NHUAC MEMBERS:  District 1 – Pat Price: District 2 – Stephen Porter: District 3 – Jessica Stoneback, Liz Giba:  District 4 – Ron Johnson, Christine Waldman:  At Large – Douglas Harrell, Barbara Dobkin, Rebecca Lopes, Patrick Mosley, Richard Miller
COUNCIL OFFICERS:  President – Barbara Dobkin: Vice President – Pat Price: Treasurer – Ron Johnson: Corresponding Secretary – Stephen Porter

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