SAVE THE DATE: Launch Party For ‘SoKing Internet Radio’ Is Wed. Feb. 15th!

SAVE THE DATE: On Wednesday, Feb. 15th, we’ll be holding a special launch party for SoKing Internet Radio, our new, locally-driven radio station, rockin’ the Tin Theater (at 923 SW 152nd in Olde Burien) from 5:30-7 p.m.!

The radio station will “go live” on the air in the theater at 6 p.m. sharp, so please arrive before then for the best experience – we’ll all gather around a computer, say a few words, acknowledge some peeps, perhaps do some weird chanting, then click a button and the station will magically come alive.

All our Readers and Advertisers are invited to this free event, which should be a blast – we’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes building this new media venture, setting up servers, learning new software, collecting and programming local music and beta testing the stream. So far everything’s working great, so we think it’s time to actually go live!

Some interesting anecdotes about this project:

  • Far as we know, we’ll be the first local blog in the Northwest (perhaps the entire U.S.?) to have its own internet radio station! We’re doing this for a variety of reasons – because we love music, because we want to help local musician types, because nobody else is really doing it right, because we think it’s a great community service, and because it’s really flippin’ COOL to run your own radio station!!
  • It’ll be available over the internet only, which means you can only listen to it through your computer, phone or mobile device. However, this also means that anyone anywhere in the world can listen. And just you wait – there will be a day not too far from now that you’ll have wi-fi internet in your car!
  • It will feature all local music from area bands, musicians and songwriters like:

Carly Henley, a 20-year old local singer/songwriter who passed away in 2010:

Castbound, a group of 15-year old guys from Normandy Park and West Seattle:

Jordan Biggs, another local singer/songwriter:

BenniB, a B-Town boy turned rapper:

Treehouse Dreamers, which includes King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg (yes, that’s him singing in the video below):

KT & HOOPS, a local folk duo:

Trip Like Animals, a psychedelic/grunge band featuring Michael Molner, a bartender at The Tin Room:

Boomerang Summer, headed by Trevor Ras, a Highline High grad:

Noah Gundersen, another great Seattle songwriter:

Lark vs Owl, an amazingly talented Seattle pop duo:

Pacific Nomadic, a Seattle Indie rock band:

But wait…there’s more!

    • DUI Joe, a Burien-based DUI Attorney that we bet you didn’t know could sing. Or talk – he’ll also be doing a talk show for us shortly!
    • Kyle R. Andrews, a pop acoustic local singer
    • Tupelo, a local, classic country rock band that has played Yo’s Bistro
    • Morris Can Fly, a power-pop trio from Seattle
    • The Thoughts, a thoughtful small band from Seattle
    • Two Buck Chuck, a kitschy cover band with two brothers that plays Mick Kelly’s often
    • Dirty Malkovich, aka Luke Krom, formerly of Skwish
    • The Pink Torpedoes, which includes local Yellow VAN Handyman Roger Gee
    • Manooghi Hi, a Seattle band that collides Indian music with Grunge
    • Sly Mr. Y, a pop-influenced power singer aka Chris Yates
    • Beau Robinson, another local songwriter/singer
    • Classic northwest 80s music from The Heaters, The Cowboys (R.I.P. Ian Fisher), The Eagertones and even one of Scott’s personal faves – the late great Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods (now out of print)!
    • And there’s much much more, with new tracks being added every day!
  • We’ll also feature regular “shows,” but when we launch it will be a mix of just great local music.
  • We’re going to tie our six local blogs into it as well, so we’ll feature local news from our sites, and we’ll also feature local music on our blogs. That’s what the big media boys like to call synergy.
  • The station will be fully ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/Soundexchange licensed through, which means that we’ll be paying out royalties to affiliated artists.
  • Listeners will be able to rate songs as they listen to them. We’ll also have a Top 20 chart of the highest-rated songs.
  • We’ll do occasional newscasts, mostly when news warrants it. We’ll also do fun stuff like play computer-voiced versions of the best Comments from our blogs, just because we think that’d be a pretty fun thing to hear.
  • We are planning on doing a Kickstarter fundraiser campaign to help us build a small radio studio in Burien where we can do interviews and perhaps even record live music. If you’ve got some spare audio studio gear to donate, or know where we can get some, please email us!
  • This project was the brainchild of Publisher Scott Schaefer, who, upon seeing several great local bands at Burien’s Wild Strawberry Festival, thought that the area could use a “truly local” radio station that showcases local talent. He then ran this past his resident tech guru, who foolishly said “sure, sounds fun…why not…?”
  • The station would not exist if it wasn’t for the expertise of said guru – Michael Brunk – who has spent countless hours setting up things, learning software, finding music and helping program it!
  • Another shout-out is in order for biz partners Todd Christensen and Wendy Quesinberry of design firm Quesinberry & Associates, for designing the logo and helping find music.
  • And even more shout-outs to the rest of our team, all of whom you’ll soon hear “on the air”:
    • Joy Steele, Columnist/Sales Manager
    • Ralph Nichols, Senior Writer
    • Jack Mayne, Associate Publisher
    • Mark Neuman, Writer/Sales
    • Bryan Charles, Intern Animator

So there ya go – the brief history of SoKing Internet Radio in a nice bullet point presentation, complete with videos!

Oh, and be sure to “Like” SoKing Internet Radio on Facebook here.

We look forward to rocking out with you at the party! And thanks in advance for your support!

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