Killer of Sweetheart Marie Failautusi Pleads ‘Guilty’ to Murder

A ‘Guilty Plea’ of Murder in the Second Degree was entered by Anthony Smith, accused in the August 2011 shooting death of Sweetheart Marie Failautusi in White Center, according to the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Smith admitted to shooting at a group of people, including Failautusi, after getting into a verbal dispute.

Police say that early in the morning of Aug. 16, Failautusi and three other women were waiting at a bus stop near SW Roxbury Street and 15th Ave SW when Smith and two other men approached. Initially asking for a cigarette, an argument followed that turned into a brawl after Failautusi tried to punch Smith. A gun fell out of Smith’s waistband, but was recovered by one of his accomplices. The three men then fled.

“I’ll be right back,” Smith said to Failautusi, according to detectives. “It’s not over.”

Deputies responding to the scene spoke with Failautusi and another woman, then left. Some 30 minutes later, Smith and the other two men returned, and Smith ended up shooting Failautusi dead.

Smith faces a sentence range of 11 to nearly 20 years in prison when he is sentenced March 23rd. Prosecutors and defense counsel will make an agreed recommendation of 15 years in prison.

Here’s surveillance video that we originally posted on Aug. 17:

And here are some video tributes to Failautusi:

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