How You Can Help Mount View Elementary School Buy 8 e-Readers

White Center’s Mount View Elementary School is working with to raise money to purchase eight e-Readers, because students don’t have the access to technology that many other students have due to the financial status of their families.

Using, teachers, students, parents and family members can book appointments for haircuts, doctors, auto repairs, etc. at local small businesses and will donate $1.00 for each appointment to fund the Mount View Elementary project.

To help out, go to, or contact Megan Logan, 5th Grade teacher, at 206-631-4570 or email [email protected].

“At we strongly believe in community and local economy, and have developed a way to bring these concepts together,” reads an announcement. “The result of our efforts will be a marketplace of local consumers and service providers engaging in business for the benefit of the communities in which they live and operate.”

Mount View Elementary is located at 10811 12th Avenue SW in White Center.

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