LETTER: Concern Over Severe Beating of White Center Alcoholic ‘Fast Freddy’

Someone needs to say something about Fred Webster and what happened to him recently in White Center.

I found out Wednesday (April 4) that he was so severely beaten he is in ICU at Highline Hospital and most likely will die.

Fred is one of our local resident alcoholics and is basically harmless, he was not always that way and at one point we worked together at Malo’s Autobody and he was a very good body man.

I am still trying to find out what happened to him other than being beaten to a pulp. Irritating as he may have been, I still considered him a friend, and he was useful to many people. He would help many people fix their cars for free most of the time, and had a soft spot for a woman in need and would give the shirt off his back to help them with nothing in return.

When Fred was not drunk he was always helping people and the thought of him lying in a hospital dying and nothing being done or said about it really is sad.

Fred was not an angry drunk and many people knew him all over the state, he served in the Army as a Ranger and at one time had his life together before the booze took him over.

If anything, maybe something good can come of this for the other local alcoholics in the White Center – Burien area or maybe serve as an example of how that lifestyle can ruin your life.

Can you please urge some sort of investigation or at least write something about this in the crime blotter, we are hoping someone will come forward with some sort of information as to what happened to Fast Freddy.

Thanks for your time.

– Brad Truesdell
General Manager
Malos Autobody, White Center

UPDATE: Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office adds:

Victim appeared to be severely intoxicated and could not tell us exactly what happened. All he could say was that he was trying to get in his mobile home that was parked at this location when he was attacked from behind by two unknown males. He could not describe the males at all. He had no race, age, height, or clothing description. He said that after the attack they took his wallet and ran off in an unknown direction. Victim said that he never lost consciousness during the attack. He also said that there were no weapons used in the attack.

Victim was treated at the scene by aid personnel and later transported to Highline Medical for further treatment. We were not able to locate any independent witnesses.  There is no suspect information in this case at this time.

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6 Responses to “LETTER: Concern Over Severe Beating of White Center Alcoholic ‘Fast Freddy’”
  1. Brad says:

    Thanks for posting this it’s greatly apreciated, Fred is still incoherant but is fighting the good fight. The Dr’s drained the blood from his brain to relieve the pressure so at this point it’s a waiting game. His list of injuries is long. He has broken ribs, jaw and his shoulder beside all the contusions and bruises and brain bleed. The Dr. says he could have sustained bad brain damage from the beating and the bleed so we have no clue what shape he could end up in. Fred has two dogs and we have yet to be able to find them so we can get them into a good home. Anyone has any info on the animals please feel free to stop in and see me at Malo’s in Whitecenter. If Freddy pulls thru I would like to see if we could get some donations of food and clothing for him as he will be laid up for quite some time and unable to eat solid food. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to read this.

  2. Twocentsworth says:

    ….why didn’t anybody try to help him with sobriety? Now, look what has happened. I hope speedy recovery and please keep us posted for these two dogs.

  3. Brad says:

    Many of these guys have been helped at one time or another most of the time it only sticks while they are locked up. Several times over the years Fred has quite drinking unfortunatly it was short lived. He had heart surgery and quite drinking for almost 3 weeks last year. However most of these people that live on the streets are just down and out, the booze and drugs go hand in hand and it’s easier to keep on going with it then to quite. Sad but true it is what it is, I have helped a few and I have trespassed a few you can only help people that want to be helped. Some times you have to put on slippers rather then carpet the world as much as I hate saying that it is very true.

  4. Brad says:

    Last I heard the dogs went to the pound and the puppy was adopted out. I am not sure how good the source of info is but thats what I was told. There is some activity in Freds mind anyhow, I was told he was arguing about something with someone and they could understand him but he was still not awake at the time. Still it is a sign that he has brain activity.

  5. fred says:

    spoke with fred last week, in good shape. worked with him off/on for at least 30years.what a goofball! ask him about “opels” one of the greatest guys in the world. can’t belive the people that know him!got that greek fisherman cap still i supose..he taught me if you are ever stranded, to sleep in a reecyled cardbord containt, cause its cleen, FRED TO FRED ROCK ON! phred (carstar)

  6. Dollarsfordollars says:

    …thanks for the update, I am glad Fred is doing good, Forgive the question, but did Fred get alcohol treatment also so he won’t make himself vulnerable to harm? Fred, from one vet to another—glad you pulled through

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