B-TOWN BLOG LETTER: At NHUAC, Mike Martin Made ‘Surprising Announcement’

Our sister site The B-Town Blog has posted a Letter to the Editor from Reader John Poitras, stating that at the April 5 NHUAC Meeting, Mike Martin Made ‘Surprising Announcement.’

Read the full letter here.


One Response to “B-TOWN BLOG LETTER: At NHUAC, Mike Martin Made ‘Surprising Announcement’”
  1. Khalilah says:

    Hmmmm from the WSDOT website: Just like motor vecilhe counts, counting bicyclists and pedestrians at specific locations will help us to more accurately estimate demand, measure the benefits of investments, and design our projects. This information will also help us target safety and mobility projects and improve our traffic models. This seems like an excellent opportunity to stuff the ballet box. Get all your friends out there in September!

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