White Center Student Wants to Promote Good Deeds, Starts New Website

Alex Ritenour

by Scott Schaefer
The White Center Blog

Evergreen High senior Alex Ritenour thinks more people in the White Center community should focus on good deeds and positive thinking.

That’s why for his senior project – The Daily Deed – Ritenour is campaigning to help “spread the word about people in the community doing good deeds for each other.”

“I think that some people don’t consider White Center a ‘nice’ place to live,” he said. “I’ve heard people say that it’s rundown and dangerous. Some people would rather say they live in West Seattle or Burien than admit to living in White Center.”

Ritenour’s project plans to promote local people making our community better by doing good deeds.

“I wanted to do something positive for the people who live here and create a sense of pride in our community,” he added. “The Daily Deed Is a Facebook page where people who live in and around the White Center community can come to write about good deeds. They can write about things that people have done for them or that they have done for other people.”

Ritenour said that stories will have more of an impact on the reader because the people and events are local.

“By sharing moments of goodwill with each other we can promote the idea that White Center is a place where people help each other out.”

Here are some good deed examples from The Daily Deed’s Facebook Page:

The other day, while I was in the supermarket checkout line, there was an elderly gentleman in front of me. He was completing his transaction and it was time for me to put my stuff on the moving beltway. I got about half of my stuff on there when I noticed a nice looking cane leaned up against the case of beverages right before the checkout counter. I thought “Hmm.. somebody left their cane..” Then realizing that the man in front of me was making his way to the exit doors, I grabbed the cane and shouted to the clerk “Is this his cane?” She stopped him and sure enough it was his cane. He was very happy and thanked me.

A few weeks ago I found a really nice leather wallet on Lincoln Park Beach. It belonged to a man who had lost it earlier that day when he was taking his daughter out and about. When I was able to contact him he had told me that the day he lost it he had ran back to the park and everywhere he’d been that day looking for it, then he cancelled all his cards and ordered a new ID. He was so grateful that he was able to get his wallet back 🙂 He was nice.

Of course my friends were there to help me out and my mother (she called his work to find a way to contact him since he didn’t have a number in his wallet)

Giving that man his wallet back made me think “Maybe there are other people like me”

Today Alex and I went to the rollerskating rink. We were taking a break sitting on a bench, and a little girl fairly close to us said “hi”
I said “hi” back and she replied “I’m lost” so I skated towards her and asked “where is your mom” she pointed out to the rink. I asked “Would you like to go out to her?” She nodded so we skated towards the entrance but right before she fell and I heard several “OH’s” coming from the concession area. I felt a little awkward standing right next to someone else’s child… But I stood up straight and picked her up and setting her down on her skates. Then walked over to the possible parents and explained that “She said she was lost and I just wanted to find her mother.” Her mother stepped forward and thanked me. It made me feel good 🙂

Have YOU done a good deed to someone lately? Be sure to share it on The Daily Deed Facebook Page, or heck – share it with our Readers below…


6 Responses to “White Center Student Wants to Promote Good Deeds, Starts New Website”
  1. m-on-a-bike says:

    Bravo, Alex! Start a “Courtesy Revolution”!

  2. Alex Ritenour says:

    Thank you
    I really hope that I do but I wont be able to do it without the help of everybody spreading The Daily Deed around 🙂 I really hope that my project is a big success and continue to thrive with activity, even after the due date.

  3. autumn says:

    Bless you Alex.

  4. Twocentsworth says:

    ….thank you Alex, it is nice to your kindness still exists in today’s world. Keep up your wonderful attitude and God Bless.

    • Alex Ritenour says:

      Thank you everybody for all of the positive comments.
      To participate in my project, click the link in the story, like my page and write a story about a good deed you have done.

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