‘Give Big’ Online May 2 and Help the White Center Food Bank – Here’s How

On May 2 you can ‘Give Big’ with the Seattle Foundation on a one-day, online fundraising event to help the White Center Food Bank.

This year food bank board members and volunteers will be at several locations in the morning with laptops to make donating easier. If you’re stopping for coffee on the way to work, you can donate.

In the evening when you’re grabbing dinner, Proletariat Pizza will help you “dine out for hunger” by donating a portion of sales for the evening.

Here is how Give Big works:

  • All donations must be made on May 2 between 12:01 a.m. and Midnight via the Seattle Foundation’s website – this can be done from your home, one of the laptop stations or via mobile. Bookmark the site now: http://www.seattlefoundation.org/npos/Pages/WhiteCenterEmergencyFoodAssociation.aspx?bv=nposearch
  • WCFB Board members will be at Dubsea Coffee (9910 – 8th Ave SW), Cafe Delia (9622 – 16th Ave SW) and Cafe Rozella (9434 Delridge) in the morning between 7 and 10 a.m. with laptops to make donating easier.
  • Proletariat Pizza (9622 – 16th Ave SW) will be donating 5% of sales to White Center Food Bank during the evening business hours. We will also have board members and a laptop on hand there if you’d like to make an extra donation in addition to your pizza purchase.

Note: WCFB is listed as the ‘White Center Emergency Food Association’ on the Seattle Foundation’s website. Only donations on May 2 count for the “stretch” dollars.

If any other restaurants would like to join in Dine Out for Hunger, please contact Ann Kendall at [email protected] or call 206-713-0031.

White Center Food Bank (WCFB) provides emergency food assistance in White Center, Burien, Highline, southern West Seattle and Boulevard Park. Food insecurity is increasing in our community and affects many today that never thought they would need the services of a food bank. In 2011 WCFB served 66,862 / 20,220 households;57% of our households have children under the age of 18. WCFB’s client base is African American 11.8%, Asian/Pacific Islander 15.1%, Caucasian 22.6%, Hispanic 40.3%, Native American 3% , Multiple Groups 5%, Unknown 2.2%.

The Mission of the White Center Food Bank is to minimize hunger, while nourishing community, nurturing self-reliance and embracing our rich cultural diversity. In 2011, White Center Food Bank served 66,682 individuals providing over 1 million pounds of food to our community; volunteers contributed over 17,000 hours to our mission.

For more information on the White Center Food Bank: www.whitecenterfoodbank.org.

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