Don’t Forget to ‘GiveBIG’ Wednesday to Help Some Great Local Charities

This Wednesday (May 2) is The Seattle Foundation’s annual GiveBIG event, a community-wide fundraiser where you can donate online and help several great, local non-profits – which benefit due to matching funds given from the foundation on that day.

To participate, just log onto the website between 7 a.m. and Midnight on Wednesday, May 2, choose which charity to donate to and it’ll walk you through the rest.

“GiveBIG is a community-wide giving challenge that will increase the size of every online donation to Community Schools Collaboration!” reads the organization’s website.

GiveBIG will grow your generosity in several ways:

  • Grow your gift! The Seattle Foundation and local businesses will match a share of every contribution made through The Seattle Foundation’s online Giving Center between 7 a.m. and midnight on May 2.
  • Win a Golden Ticket! During the day, you could be chosen at random to have your charity of choice- Community Schools Collaboration – receive an additional $1,000 from GiveBIG’s sponsors.

Here’s a direct link to a page with several White Center-area non-profits, which include:


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