REMINDER: Burien’s Next Annexation Session is Thursday Night at DubSea

REMINDER: The City of Burien’s next public Informational Session on the proposed Annexation of the rest of North Highline/White Center will be at 6 p.m. this Thursday night, July 12, at DubSea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW in White Center).

This is a free and open public meeting.

The annexation of the rest of North Highline will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, in an election where only residents of the proposed area will be able to vote.

Annexation would increase the population of Burien by about 17,300 and add 3.2 square miles to the City. Burien’s total population would increase to approximately 65,000 residents, making it the 15th largest city in Washington.

If approved, the actual annexation would likely occur in 2013.

Other informational sessions are scheduled for:

  • August 23: White Center Food Bank, 10829 8th Ave SW, 6 pm
  • September 13: Beverly Park Elementary School, cafeteria, 1201 S. 104th Street, 6 pm
  • October 18: Cascade Middle School, cafeteria, 11212 10th Ave SW, 6 pm

The City will also have an annexation-information booth July 21 at the Jubilee Days Street Fair in White Center. Staff will be there from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. to answer questions and pass out informational brochures including copies in Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Somali.


One Response to “REMINDER: Burien’s Next Annexation Session is Thursday Night at DubSea”
  1. Snooping Around says:

    Dont let this two faced liar buffalo you all into believing him!!! Wake up White Center! Ask Hans Deli in Burien what just the sign ordinance did to her in Burien! 10,000 grand in legal fee’s and to be told to take her sign down that was there for 30 years!! 30 years really! no sandwich boards period! or you get fined, No flashing signs I see plenty here and guess what those get you a fine and they have to go as well! Many of the small stores will be affected if the Burien Gastopo come down on them, say hello to double and triple tax increases rules rules rules and more rules you follow or you get fines fines fines, is this what you all want?
    Mike Martin worked in Fresno in the 1990s when the FBI had to be brought in because of the pay offs for land use decisions. Then he quickly moved to San Francisco and managed the 911 project that had you guessed it huge cost over runs. The project started out to cost $61 million dollars and ended up costing $161+millions dollars. Next he went to Kent and we all know what happened there he got the boot. He applied for a job in Montana and they refused the job to him because he was not completely honest about his past.
    As I recal Kent had nothing good to say about him and urged Burien to not make the same mistake!

    What you can expect from Martin’s Annexation:

    Increased taxes & fees:
    $10 license tab fee
    $90 per household tax increase
    $90 Business license fee
    $125 B&O Tax
    $500,000 for cost over runs on Ambaum overlay project due to Martin’s mismanagement, passed on to tax payers
    $2,750,000 from Martin’s mismanagement of road and infrastructure project on the 1st Ave. project, also passed on to tax payers
    $77,000,000 in increased taxes to provide infrastructure upgrades in Area Y which Burien has no way to pay for

    What you can expect NOT to get from Martin’s Annexation:

    We Will Not Get:
    $5,000,000 per year: This will only happen if the sales taxes collected from Area Y meets the proper criteria.
    (Area X was annexed in 2010, and in 2011, Burien received $514,635 in sales tax credit money, not the $5mil Martin brags about)
    More police for Area Y. Seattle figured 15 officers, Burien figures 3
    Quality animal control. Martin decided to go with a cheap alternative called CARES instead of King County Animal Control. Expect higher taxes to get KCAC if annexed.
    Lower utility costs. City Light will add a surcharge to the bills for Area Y for the street light and traffic signal upgrades on 1st Ave in Burien.
    Government Transparency
    do we really want this kind of person and his values or lack there of changing this place!

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