BREAKING: 11th-Hour Challenge to Remove Annexation from Ballot Fails

Marga Newcomb, left, and Don Malo protest Burien’s proposed annexation of North Highline outside City Hall Monday night (Aug. 6). Photo by Scott Schaefer. Click image to see larger version.

by Ralph Nichols

An eleventh-hour challenge to remove annexation of unincorporated North Highline from the November ballot was defeated Monday night (Aug. 6) by the Burien City Council.

Council members voted 3-3 on a motion by Councilman Jack Block Jr. to withdraw annexation for years – a proposal that Councilwoman Joan McGilton called an attempt to suppress voters.

A motion is defeated when the vote is a tie.

Joining Block in the attempt to scuttle North Highline annexation were Council members Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak.

The Burien City Council took a roll call for the vote to remove annexation from the Nov. ballot. Unlike base-running in baseball, the 3-3 tie defeated the attempt.

Mayor Brian Bennett, Councilman Gerald Robison and McGilton voted to reject the proposal.

Absent was Deputy Mayor Rose Clark, long a supporter of annexing all of North Highline.

August 7 is the last day that under state law the annexation issue can be removed from the general election ballot.

Earlier in the meeting almost 20 speakers, all but one from Burien, urged council members to cancel the annexation vote.

Their common theme was that Burien can’t afford annexation at this time, that the city still has unfinished projects.

Some council members, however, said this is a one-time opportunity that Burien can’t afford to let slip away.

By law, only residents of unincorporated North Highline may vote on whether to become part of Burien.

A full report on the annexation discussion and the council’s review of the projected 2013-14 budget and city revenues will be posted Tuesday and Wednesday.


2 Responses to “BREAKING: 11th-Hour Challenge to Remove Annexation from Ballot Fails”
  1. Cover of Night says:

    Good people of White Center; ok, ok, fellow rat city residents as us locals call ourselves…..take a look at this same article (actually, the over 60 comments) on the B-Town Blog and you’ll get an idea of the inept government that is hoodwinking you into voted for annexation.

    The Burien locals complain about the increased taxes to them, but don’t think that you’ll be exempt from their “more government, more tax revenue needed” attitude.

    And don’t be fooled by the hot air spouted by Burien’s resident shill, Joey Martinez, or as I call him, Joey Moretaxes. I’ve only seen one other guy who talks so much, yet says nothing meaningful – that other guy lives in the White House!

    Don’t become entrapped by the City of Burien’s false promises…..let’s stay good neighbors and enjoy each others families and businesses; you don’t need our government! Remember, you heard it here first………..>^-_-^<

  2. Snooping Around says:

    Here ye here ye The Burien city council has decided with going thru with the big hoodwink scew (Thanks cover of night) don’t gripe when they add up all the overuns and hidden taxes not to mention even the stupid taxes Burien sneaks in on your cell phone bill. No more sandwich boards some signs will need to go and all those pretty flashing signs in WhiteCenter will have to go away. You all ok with this stuff? how about more taxes and less values on your houses more pencil pusher telling you how to make a buck yet they can’t seem to pay there own bills. Joey Martinez and Mike martin will be the first to go and you will be put in your place because the proof will not lie! Mike martin has already screwed every place he has worked so for him it’s biz as usual as for you Mr Martinez you will have some splainin to do Lucy!!! You will have to choose the correct face to do so as well Mr.Two face! Sadly you suckers won’t find a kind ear from the good people in area Y once those bills start comming in! The ones you have LIED missled and decieved mark my words will become an angry village mob only you will be the Frankenstein in this here story!

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