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Welcome Our Newest Advertiser – Wise Orchid Martial Arts!

by Margaret Ryan

Welcome our newest Advertiser, Wise Orchid Martial Arts of Burien and West Seattle and five other Seattle locations.

Wise Orchid’s owner, Sifu Viola Brumbaugh, teaches students the art of Taijiquan and Qigong, ancient martial arts practices designed to heal, strengthen, and relax the body and mind. Although Westerners have been practicing Tai Chi for roughly 60 years, the history of Tai Chi goes back more than 500 years. Brumbaugh is a long-time student of Master David Leung of Oregon and a disciple of Chen Zhenglei – 11th generation grandmaster of the Chen Family Tai Chi tradition. She has taught Tai Chi in the Seattle area since 2007.

Brumbaugh got interested in Tai Chi back when she was working as a paralegal, suffering from high levels of stress. Her neck and shoulders were constantly tense and she was not sleeping well. She had studied dance and movement, and yet did not feel strong or relaxed in her body/mind. Almost immediately, she got relief from the practice of Tai Chi, and began training seriously in the art.

Under Master Leung, she learned the principles and movements of Yang style Tai Chi and Wing Chun while studying with many visiting masters from China. In 1998, Master Leung inducted her into his lineage as an “indoor student”. The induction was a formal commitment with an exchange of tea, gifts, and a shared devotion to the art. At the time, Master Leung gave her the Chinese name “Wise Orchid – Dragon Under Roof,” from which she derived her business name. In 2006, in a similar ceremony, Brumbaugh was formally inducted into the lineage of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Both Master Leung and Grandmaster Chen encouraged her to move from southern Oregon to ‘a bigger city’ (Seattle) to teach and promote the art to a greater number of students.

During the summer, Wise Orchid Martial Arts holds classes outdoors in Lincoln Park in West Seattle and the Burien Skate Park. Classes are moved indoors during the rainy seasons. On ‘the last weekend of August’, Wise Orchid will feature workshops with Master Leung himself. These will be held at the Emerald City Aikido on Capitol Hill, 604 19th Avenue E. For those interested in talking to Viola about Tai Chi or Qigong, contact her at 206-321-0613, or [email protected].

To visit her website, click here.

Wise Orchid and Viola Brumbaugh, thank you for being there for me!

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