Beat the Heat with the 2nd Annual ‘Pie Joust’ in Burien this Saturday, Aug. 18

What better way to fight the heat than throw pies in other people’s faces while riding a bike in Burien?

The second-annual ‘Pie Joust‘ will splat its way into Burien Town Square Park starting at 11 a.m. this Saturday, Aug. 18, causing lots of laughs and helping raise money for various local charities.

This is one of the more fun annual local fundraiser events, where participants joust by riding bicycles and throwing pies in each others’ faces, all in the name of helping local non-profits.

Cost is just $10 to participate in advance (or $20 at event without costume; $15 at event with), or $25 for a family of four (nothing says togetherness like pie-throwing…), and there will be prizes – register online here!

This year’s creamfest promises to be bigger than last year’s (which was AWESOME BTW), and will include such added amenities like a Beer Garden, an Extreme Spelling Bee and much more.

Here are some of the Rules:

  1. Wear the most alluring costume you won’t mind throwing away.
  2. No direct contact > pie must leave your hand.
  3. No Ducking.
  4. Referee’s verdict is unimpeachable (no roughing the ref).

Prizes will be awarded haphazardly in each bracket for the following:

  • Costume
  • Costume concept
  • Pie in face picture
  • Shower dance
  • Sportsmanly like
  • Creaming

Immediate Disqualification for the following:

  1. Making direct contact with opponent
  2. Ducking from well thrown pie (Referee Discretion based upon movement of spine from line of flag pole

Here are some videos from last year’s inaugural joust:

To get you in the mood for throwing pies in faces, here are some really cool pie-related videos, some with amazing slow-motion:

Two kids go ‘splat!’ in this overhead GoPro pic from the inaugural Pie Joust on Aug. 29, 2011. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Here’s more info:

Event Information
Single Elimination Bicycle Pie Jousting – guaranteed one round.

It’s basically a splatter fest setup as a single elimination bracket tournament.

Face off against another pie wielding competitor on a bike. When the judge says “JOUST” ride past each other and try to throw your pie at the other competitor. There are only two rules; 1) No Contact (the pie must leave your hand before making impact) 2) No ducking or dodging (you have to maintain a straight spine & not lean away from an impending pie).

The event provides competition certified, single speed, beach cruiser bikes outfitted with flags. The flag poles help the line judges decide if contestants are disqualified for ducking. Judges decisions are final. If you want to compete on your own bike, bring it. Their will be a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) tournament following the World Championship. Hint: the face scores big with judges. Judges will often involve the crowd in the decision making process.

Alaskan Brewing company is this years charity beer garden sponsor. They will be serving their summer & pale ales from noon until 6pm. Vino Bello is sponsoring the event with a red & white wine offering.

Proceeds to benefit
All proceeds benefit local charities including: WABI, C2C, and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

Registration Divisions

  • Ages 5-10 (Noon – 1pm) max 50 Pre Event Registrants
  • Ages 11-15 (1 – 2pm) max 50 Pre Event Registrants
  • Ages 16-88 (2-6ishpm) max 120 Pre Event Registrants

REGISTER: To register to compete in the Pie Joust (save money by registering online), click here.


  • Learn more about the 2012 Pie Joust here.
  • Be sure to “Like” the official Pie Joust Association on Facebook here.

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