An Eyewitness Account of Wednesday’s Office Building Fire in White Center

Eduardo Brambila of MAGO Design stands in front of his office as firefighters work on a small fire in his building.

A fire broke out in an office building at 10038 16th SW in White Center Wednesday morning, Oct. 3, with at least six fire trucks responding.

“I was sitting in my office at our new location, today is our SECOND day here, when all of a sudden I heard a woman outside shouting “CALL 911,” said eyewitness Eduardo Brambila of MAGO Design. “I went outside and saw there was some smoke coming out of the side of the building.”

Eduardo told us that they immediately called 911.

“The fire had started from someone who was working on the roof,” he added. “Over six fire trucks showed up! They started tearing apart the side of the wall, in an attempt to find the cause.”

Eduardo said that he never saw any flames, just lots of smoke.

“There is a big ol mess out here,” he said. “Flexstaff luckily has another location in Kent and is working out of that one today.”


One Response to “An Eyewitness Account of Wednesday’s Office Building Fire in White Center”
  1. Bigman Jones says:

    This Eduardo dude seems like a badass.

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