Convicted Felon Eludes Police After Chase from White Center to West Seattle

Emanuel Kozma, 24, is a convicted felon wanted by police. Click image to see larger version.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a convicted felon, possibly armed, eluded police after a chase that started in White Center and ended with a rollover crash in West Seattle.

The suspect, Emanuel Kozma (pictured above), 24, fled on foot after crashing his vehicle in a rollover accident.

A 22-year old female was in the car and taken to Highline Medical Center in Burien with minor injuries.

Kozma, who stands around 5’7″, was last seen wearing a blue shirt with cutoff sleeves and dark pants.

Police say it all started around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening (Oct. 10), when gang detectives attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Kozma, who they believe was armed with a firearm.

When the detectives attempted to stop the vehicle near SW 108th and 15th SW in White Center, the vehicle fled north towards Seattle. As detectives chased the vehicle the occupants threw a handgun out the window of the car (that weapon has been recovered).

In the area of 17th and Henderson in West Seattle, detectives lost track of the car. They learned from the Seattle Police Department that there was a rollover accident at 17th and Trenton. Detectives went to that location and saw that it was the vehicle they had been trying to stop.

Kozma apparently escaped on foot in that area.

He may still be armed so residents should call 911 if they see him.


One Response to “Convicted Felon Eludes Police After Chase from White Center to West Seattle”

    ….do you still think it was a great idea that Gov Gregoire released these types early from prison?

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