Burien’s Final Annexation Info Session is Thursday Night at Cascade Middle School

The City of Burien’s next – and final – Annexation Informational Session will be this Thursday night, Oct. 18, starting at 6 p.m. at Cascade Middle School’s cafeteria, located at 11212 10th Ave SW.

This is the city’s final informational session, designed to “inform North Highline residents about the upcoming North Highline annexation measure on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot,” according to an announcement.

City officials will be present to answer any questions.

According to the city’s release:

Only registered voters in the proposed annexation area will vote on whether to become part of the City of Burien. The proposed annexation area includes the unincorporated remainder of North Highline, which takes in White Center, Top Hat, Beverly Park, Glendale, and portions of Boulevard Park, Riverton Heights and Shorewood. If approved by voters, the annexation would likely take effect in spring 2013. Burien annexed the southern section of North Highline in 2010.

If the annexation is successful, Burien would grow in size by 17,300 residents. Its 65,000 residents would make Burien the 15th largest city in Washington.

The Nov. 6 General Election is being conducted entirely by mail. Registered voters will begin receiving ballots in the mail this week.

Ballots can be mailed back and must be postmarked Nov. 6 or earlier.

They can also be deposited in a ballot drop box before 8 pm on Nov. 6; one is located on SW 152nd St. in front Burien Library/City Hall at 400 SW 152nd Street.

For more info on annexation from the city’s website, click here.


7 Responses to “Burien’s Final Annexation Info Session is Thursday Night at Cascade Middle School”
  1. Jasmin says:

    White Center annexation, there is no way I am voting to become part of Burien. I love Seattle, want to be an offical part of Seattle to be able to vote for mayor. I want to live where dangerous breeds like pitbuls aren’t allowed, as a recent victim of an attack I want neighbors to know he and his 3 pitbulls are moving to one of your neighborhoods.

  2. RB says:

    Just Vote “NO”

    Stay home and watch Seahawk’s football and Major League baseball.

  3. Fred says:

    There are signs up in Area Y that are blue and are prop annexation. These signs appear to be in violation of the Public Disclosure Commission rules.
    If you want to see who pays for things through a campaign go to the State of Washington PDC site. However, even stranger is the PAC-Political Action Committee-that Calls itself People for Burien which was organized by Jerry Robison/Burien City Council member and Liz Giba/Fire Commissioner through his law office address and is now being run by Steven Lamphear. They have now put out pro annexation signs in Area Y that don’t state who is paying for them. This is of course in complete violation of the PDC-Public Disclosure Rules. Still stranger, some of these pro-annexation signs state that our firefighters support this. So which firefighters?-I don’t recall that the Fire Chief endorsed this. In fact Fire Station #2 was against annexation because it would cost them money they do not have. Again, not to disclose which firefighters they are referring to on these signs is in violation of the PDC rules-if the firefighters are even supporting this at all.
    You might want to contact the PDC about why these signs are up without stating who is funding them or even sponsoring them.. Why are they being allowed in King County?

  4. BeFree says:

    Did anyone go? Wondering what the main points were…
    Finding it a little difficult to find actual facts about what this will mean for the average homeowner being annexed.

  5. Fred says:

    To Joey-

    Putting on who is paying for a political sign costs nothing more at the printer than the original sign. This PAC-Political Action Committee- just doesn’t want make it easy for an agency to know who might be doing illegal things with their signs-as this group is. Also, these blue and white signs that are pro annexation are being put out by two people who are 34th Dems and PCOs. The 34th Dems take a lot of money from the unions so they should at least have used a union print shop-which they didn’t. The union bug is missng from their signs. Lastly, this group-People For Burien- have falsely represented the Fire Dept. in that they fail to mention which group of firefighters on their signs. An up front PAC running an honest campaign labels its materials clearly. Of course then there is the NHUAC which claims to be an informational group only and is now acting as a PAC according to the Public Disclosure Commission. But they haven’t bothered to register as a PAC. So Joey, why aren’t you acting your usual self and pointing out this error to the NHUAC?

    To Be Free-
    The White Center Now Blog made a video of the last meeting and it is posted on their site for October 18, 2012.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Fred, so now you’re dropping your false charge of signs violating PDC rules?

      As to why the “People for Burien” PAC wasn’t IDed I don’t know, regardless it’s not required. Your side keeps pushing that NHUAC is a PAC and charging that the PDC has declared they are. That is simply false. Filing a complaint then trying to use it as “proof” of misconduct is pretty sad and pathetic. But what ever it takes to win, right!?!

      Annexation isn’t a partisan issue as there are Ds and Rs on both sides of the question working toward respective goals.

      Those signs saying that Fire Fighters endorse are very generic, but on the Website AND on the Voter pamphlet it clearly states WHO those fire fighters are.

      If you want to talk about an “Up front and honest” PAC checking the PDC I see MANY expenditures that have not been filed in a timely manner including postage, advertisements, and in-kind contributions.

      Joey Martinez

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