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Please Welcome Our Latest Advertiser, the ‘Independent White Center PAC’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following “Blogvertorial” post is a paid political Advertisement. The views and opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of South King Media.]

Please welcome our latest Advertiser – the Independent White Center PAC, a group of citizens that are against Burien’s annexation of the rest of White Center/North Highline.

As we do with all our paid Advertisers, we’re giving them a forum to share their message:

Hello Area Y/North Highline/White Center Neighbors and Voters,

You have probably seen our signs around town by now. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our group to you.

Independent White Center PAC is registered with the State of Washington and is a group of concerned citizens from Area Y/North Highline/White Center, Seattle and Burien. We strongly believe that annexation of Area Y/North Highline/White Center to Burien is not in the best interest of the residents of Area Y/North Highline/White Center or the residents of Burien.

By voting against annexation, we will get to keep:

  1. our residences and businesses in King County-as they currently are. There is no State law that mandates we have to join a city. If we do not annex, we will not be immediately forced to annex to a city we do not want to join,
  2. the same police, fire, school, utilities and library services that we currently have,
  3. our White Center Chamber of Commerce and the same funding sources that our White Center Community Development Association (WCCDA) relies upon,
  4. the same human services that we currently have for our seniors, job services, refugee services, legal services and housing services, and,
  5. the same King County Animal Control Services.

If we vote against annexation, we will not have to worry about new:

  1. city levied, residential property taxes, business taxes, utility fees, franchise fees, permit fees or ordinances,
  2. changes in zoning or land use regulations on our property,
  3. regulations on our businesses such as signage and some of our businesses will not be forced to close, and,
  4. regulations on how many cars can be parked in front of our residences/businesses and rules about whether vehicles can be parked on grass or dirt. We will not be required to get permits to trim our trees or to have city parking tickets imposed on us.

Annexation to Burien will add seven new taxes and fees upon us, if we become part of their city. While Burien has claimed that this will only cost us $140 or maybe $155 new dollars in taxes, these estimates are not correct. The new taxes and fees that Burien will levy on us will actually cost us over $400 for residential citizens and thousands for businesses. Our taxes will increase with Burien and we will lose a number of the services that we currently have with King County. Burien = More Taxes and Less Services.

The Fire Department #2 has stated that it does not have the money to support the service needs of Area Y/White Center/North Highline, if this annexation occurs. They will require an additional $2.5 million in order to provide services that are needed on the day annexation takes place. This means that we will have to pay new taxes to the Fire Department to keep it in compliance with the law-a new fire levy will be added to our tax bills.

Currently, Burien is experiencing serious financial problems and is short money to balance its budget-Burien Finance Director’s and Burien City Manager’s reports, October, 2012.

In ten years, Burien will have at least a -25% financial deficit- 2011Berk Report, pages B-3 to B-5. It is not in our best interest to join a city that is going broke and cannot provide us with the services that we need or has no resources to address the $77 million deficit of our infrastructure needs (roads, sidewalks, storm water problems, drainage problems, water quality problems, etc.).

This annexation will not improve the lives of either Area Y/North Highline/White Center citizens or Burien citizens. The Independent White Center PAC urges a vote against annexation. Let’s maintain our White Center/Area Y independence. Please vote on Nov. 6, 2012, against annexation to Burien.

Paid for by Independent White Center.com:

9833 17 Ave. S.W.
White Center, WA. 98106

Please see the Independent White Center.com website for further information.

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