REPORT: Pro Annexation Signs Being Posted in Illegal Spots in North Highline

Barbara Dobkin is reporting that “many of the Pro Annexation signs that were posted on wire stands throughout North Highline have gone missing. Now signs are showing up with industrial staples attached to stop signs and utility poles. The Pro Annexation campaign has not placed any of these signs, and we are pulling them down when they are found.”

Barbara adds:

“If you happen to come across any of these illegally placed signs please email us with the location at [email protected] and we will have the signs removed immediately.

Also, if you witness anyone placing signs on utility poles or stop signs, please report it to Burien City Manager Mike Martin.”


8 Responses to “REPORT: Pro Annexation Signs Being Posted in Illegal Spots in North Highline”
  1. Dollarsfordollars says:

    ….Probably the moronic acts of Stop annexation

  2. Mike says:

    Then it must have been the morons from the “pro” side that cut my “vote against” sign with a hand saw right DFD?

  3. Fred says:

    These signs that were put on utility poles, traffic signs, trees and on school grounds are not signs that were pulled off of their wire racks and put up by stangers. There are most probably no wierd,wire rack vandals or anyone selling them for their metal content. These are new signs that have just been printed and were put up by friends and members of the People For Burien PAC aka as and the other pro annexation group, NHUAC. Anyone who can count is able to tell how many new signs this added to the already posted signs for pro annexation. Opps, and some citizens actually saw the truck and guys working these signs on the utility poles. It is likey that the major reason your group put this disclaimer out about the illegal signs now is because they were caught and turned into the respective agencies that required the signs be removed. By the way there is one of your signs at 120th and 8th S. attached to a stop sign. Also one is meanly still stapled into a living tree over by Evergreen High School-shame on who ever did that.

    This behavior by the pro annexation groups, some that you claim to represent, was really disrespectful of the citizens and residents of both areas, Burien and White Center. Your group has removed the signs but left the big industrial grade staples in all of these poles and signs. It has not been a clean removal of the signs and damage.

  4. mago says:

    So bizarre. Personal views on annexation aside… there had been some sense of courteous respect between the groups, this ended that. This improper signage display doesn’t settle with me. As mentioned by others, MORE signs appeared… they weren’t merely moved around. If that means the pro side had EXTRA signs that ended up getting “misplaced”… that doesn’t demonstrate very good leadership.

    Independent White Center could have done the same if they really wanted to. But they followed the rules. Labeled their signs and put them in appropriate places. They called people in the community, door belled and talked to them about what annexation means. If the pro annexation side really wants White Center incorporated, they should build up more support of people… instead of have just a few folks inappropriately placing their signs.

    Maybe we won’t really find out how this happened.. but we do know it happened… and it happened so close to election day. Someone felt they needed to get their message out at whatever means… signs of dedication OR desperation.

  5. Mike says:

    Mike says:

    All thru this annexation process many people have brought forth the truth about how bad the idea of annexation is. The “pro” side has continuously done nothing but bash and call everyone names that disagrees with their position. Trying to cover their a$$ by stating its not the “pro” side putting the signs up is absurd. Who is going to take the wire signs down and go around putting them on poles and stop signs? Come on Dobkin and NHUAC. Who has time to think up that crap besides your group? Its the same way you’ve treated the “anti annexation” side all along.If Martin and your group would have been honest and shown your neighbors with differing opinions a little respect from the beginning you wouldn’t have so many Burien and Area Y residents revolting against annexation and martins side of the city council. Your group has zero credibility IMO.

    Area Y Mike

  6. 3TPDude says:

    A license plate number has been reported to the sheriff so the truth will come out about who is actually involved.

  7. Dollarsfordollars says:

    …odd that no signs against annexation have been “misplaced” I did see a pro sign pulled at 26th SW, but he anti annexation sign still was there….only wish the anti annexation would open their eyes to our community and not the “impact” on their area. I vote for Pro annexation and all the ripping and tearing down of these signs will not stop my vote that I have casted in favor. By the way, someone did come to my house supporting anti annexation, when I presented logical sound reasons for annexation, she became upset that I would carry such a view. I listened and respected her view, but she was becoming emotionally upset when I told her that I am for annexation.

  8. Pat LeMoine says:

    As one of the individuals who has been active in maintaining and installing signs for the no-annexation side I find these excuses / accusations to be ridicules. The number of pro-annexation signs that went up in a 24-hour period illegally on power poles, street signs, and trees plus the legal ones on wire stands throughout Area Y and surrounding areas easily doubled the number of pro-annexation signs installed. All the signs I saw where new and fresh off the press. I know this because I drove around for a few hours and took pictures tell my I-Pod ran out of juice and then continued to drive appalled at the audacity of the people who did this. To see what I saw

    Furthermore signs that I placed the day before I found that day to have a pro-annexation sign placed inches in front of, rude in anyone’s language. Also now that I see that most of the signs have been removed (ripped off) I have noticed that there was no attempt to remove the industrial staples including the ones on trees.

    As I write this I am fully expecting the pro-annexation side will spin this around and make me the bad guy and honestly it is exactly like dealing with my X. But then as I told one incensed business owner who just had a bad encounter with two pro-annexation guys removing the illegally placed signs “this is what we can expect if we join Burien.”

    Unlike other people who hide behind aliases, I have no problem associating my name with my words. My name is Pat LeMoine and this is just one more reason why I am against annexation.

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