EARLY RESULTS: Burien’s Annexation of White Center Losing by Wide Margin

The first round of results for Tuesday’s General Election (Nov. 6), have been released, and the early tally shows that Burien’s proposed annexation of North Highline/White Center is losing by a wide margin – nearly 64% to 36%.


  • For annexation: 1,195 • 36.43%
  • Against annexation: 2,085 • 63.56%


  • Yes: 1,546 • 65.17%
  • No: 826 • 34.82%


  • Jay Inslee: 772,917 • 51.68%
  • Rob McKenna: 722,663 • 48.32%


  • Steve Strachan: 187,491 • 42.23%
  • John Urquhart: 254,600 • 57.35%

R-74 (Marriage Equality):

  • Approved: 784,951 • 52.39%
  • Rejected: 713,377 • 47.61%

I-502 (Marijuana)

  • Yes: 320,257 • 51.27%
  • No: 304,433 • 48.73%

“This is a record-setting election for King County,” said Sherril Huff, Director of Elections. “Not only have we set a new record for number of voters registered this year, we will also have more ballots counted for tonight’s results report than in any previous election, including the 2008 presidential election when we still had polling places.”

Voters have up until Nov. 26 to resolve any signature issues before the election is certified on Nov. 27.

We’ll post another update on Wed. (Nov. 7) sometime after 4:30 p.m., so stay tuned…


One Response to “EARLY RESULTS: Burien’s Annexation of White Center Losing by Wide Margin”
  1. Tom says:

    I really want to be Burien. Unincorporated King county offers no police protection. The 4th of July is like being in a fire fight in the middle east. There is nothing but gang bangers, illegal Mexican, small houses with Brocken down cars out front and crack whores. The police do nothing to protect the law abiding citizens in the area. The need to have a stronger presents in the community and start acting like law enforcement and start handing out fines. Get with the program.

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