Son Charged in Stabbing Death of White Center Blog Writer, Bail Set at $2 Million

A charge of ‘Murder in the First Degree’ was filed Friday afternoon (Nov. 16) against Brodie Lamb, 42, accused in the stabbing death of his 69-year old mother, Margaret Ryan, on Tuesday in White Center.

Lamb remains in jail with bail set at $2 million.

Arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 29 at the King County Courthouse.

Reports of this tragic crime are horrific (and very difficult for us to read or post since Margaret worked for us):

  • Apparently after Lamb called 911 to confess that he had murdered his mother and request medical help, the operator told him to put the knife in the freezer. Deputies found it there.
  • Lamb allegedly told detectives that he became frustrated when his mother would not let him in her apartment, from which he had been previously banned.
  • He kicked in her door, breaking the door frame, then grabbed a large knife from her kitchen, and attacked her.
  • The Medical Examiner’s report shows that Ryan was stabbed 18 times, with wounds on her hands and arms from trying to protect herself against the attack.
  • Court records say that Lamb had attacked her before – he was found guilty of assaulting her in 2008, punching her in the face while she was driving him home.

A planning meeting for a memorial to Margaret is planned for Monday night at Mago Signs in White Center, starting at 6:30 p.m. (more here).

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