Power Outage Hits Nearly 2,900 in Boulevard Park, Burien Wed. Morning

Map from Seattle City Light website shows one of the power outages in the Burien area. Click image to go directly to City Light’s system status map, where you can see the latest outages.

Seattle City Light Crews are responding to a power outage in the Riverton-Boulevard Park, Burien and SeaTac areas that started at 6 a.m., affecting 2,892 customers.

The outage was caused by a vehicle running into a pole.

Seattle City Light says they have restored power to 1,331 customers from the original outage affecting 2,892 in Burien, SeaTac, and Riverton-Boulevard Park.

The estimated time for restoration is 10 a.m.

For precise outage boundaries, visit http://www.seattle.gov/light/sysstat.

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