After 15 Years, Aaron’s Bicycle is Pedaling from West Seattle to White Center

Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, in business in West Seattle for the last 15 years, will be pedaling its way into White Center on Feb. 2, 2013, according to a post on its Facebook Page.

The new location will be at 9988 15th Ave SW (map below), across from Big Al Brewing in the White Center Square near the Hung Long Asian Market.

“Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, Inc. says thank you and good bye to the Morgan Junction and West Seattle proper,” reads an email. “However, they are only moving 3 miles away to White Center! This is very exciting news for White Center and we have been welcomed with open arms by the community.”

Aaron’s Manager Gregg Sundin said the economic downturn and increasing online sales forced the decision to downsize. The shop will re-focus on bicycle repair and service but will still sell bikes, parts and accessories. Also, a comment on their Facebook Page implies another reason:

Congrats! Is this in addition to the West Seattle store? Or are you moving the whole shebang?

We are moving it all. Reason? The rent is too damn high! Google that on Youtube for a serious laugh!

Here’s a video explanation of what that means:

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2 Responses to “After 15 Years, Aaron’s Bicycle is Pedaling from West Seattle to White Center”
  1. Robert Meme says:

    Awesome! Now we just need some bicycle infrastructure in White Center to make it safer to ride. 16th & 15th are NOT bike friendly. Hopefully this gets more locals out of their cars. A few more places to safely lock up bikes wouldn’t be amiss either.

    Great news for White Center!

  2. Michel says:

    Great news! Bring on the bike lanes!

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