Reader Seeking Witnesses to Accident Involving His 3-Wheeled Car ‘Lola’

BTB Reader Tyghe Armstrong is looking for witnesses to a recent accident in White Center involving his unique, 3-wheeled HMV Freeway car he calls “Lola” (click image to see larger version):


Armstrong told us that his car was hit around 1 p.m. on Nov. 25 on 4th Ave SW between 105th and 104th Streets (map below).

His car ‘Lola’ was hit by a vehicle that passed on the right, as Armstrong was making a right turn.

“If anyone saw this, I need a witness,” he said. “Our ‘stories’ are completely different, and insurance isn’t being cooperative.”

The unique 3-wheeler was produced in 1981 in Minnesota.

“Only around 750 were ever made, between 1979 and 1981,” he added. “My guesstimate is that there are only 300-350 left. I know of four in Washington and two happen to be in Burien!”

‘Lola’ has a 16-horsepower Techumsa one cylinder four-stroke engine, and is licensed as a motorcycle, but with an enclosed driver’s seat.

“I’ve gotten her up to 55 mph and that was plenty fast for her!” Armstrong added.

If you witnessed this accident, please contact Armstrong at [email protected].

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