Teen Charged as Adult in Top Hat Home Invasion and Rape Case

Dailone R. Brooks-Harris, 17, was charged in adult felony court Monday (Jan. 7) of forcing his way into a Top Hat area home near White Center on Nov. 12, where he raped a young mother while her baby slept nearby.

Brooks-Harris will be charged as an adult for first-degree rape with a firearm and first-degree robbery in connection with the crime.

The rape/robbery occurred Nov. 12 around 8:40 p.m. in the 10800 block of 6th Ave South (read our previous coverage here). The victims, a man and his girlfriend, were home with their 18-month old child when two armed men entered the apartment and pistol whipped the man and sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

Brooks-Harris was identified through DNA evidence found at the crime scene, and arrested at his Skyway home on Jan. 3.

As we’ve previously reported, a second suspect in this crime still remains at large.


One Response to “Teen Charged as Adult in Top Hat Home Invasion and Rape Case”
  1. Wallstrom says:

    I hope this kid gets it back 100 fold for what he did to this family. Shameful and disgusting…

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