Area Resident Has Bad Encounter with Dangerous Pit Bull in Shorewood

Area resident Lynne Crockett reported the following about a dog-on-dog attack near the intersection of 26th SW and SW 106th – which it *not* in Burien’s city limits (see map below) – on the Shorewood on the Sound Facebook page (and blog) on Monday, Jan. 14:

“Bad day. neighbors. I posted this on my own account, but also want to alert SOTS folks who walk their dogs on 26th SW. This took place right by Shorewood Grocery this morning…

Matt was out on his morning run with our dogs, Brody, a Goldendoodle, and Omar, a Newfoundland. They run the same route every morning, but this morning a Pit Bull came running up from behind and jumped on Brody’s back. A full on attack lasting several minutes took place, stopped traffic, and caused quite a disturbing scene ending with the police getting involved. Tonight Matt is here with a big splint due to a broken bone in his hand (from hitting the dog and trying to get it to let loose of Brody), and Brody is at the vet having drain tubes put into all of the puncture wounds in his neck. We are heading into 2 weeks of drain tubes, bandage changes, sutures, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds for a VERY TRAUMATIZED pooch. Not good. :(“

Lynne also added this in a follow-up comment:

“The dog was attached to a rope, and had apparently gotten away from the owner. He was there, and along with Matt tried to get his dog off of Brody. After the dog unlatched his jaws, the man then turned on Matt. Started yelling at him complaining that there was blood on HIS dog. He also started yelling at Matt for hitting his dog. When Matt told him that he could complain to the police, the man took off. Apparently he is homeless and lives in a park in the area. A witness followed him, and led police to him. Nothing was done, really, and even animal control told Matt they couldn’t pick up the dog. I just don’t get that. We like all breeds of dogs, and feel compassion for the homeless. It’s just that this guy gave Matt major attitude and his dog is clearly dangerous. I’m concerned, about both of them being in the area, which is why I’m warning everyone. Brody’s neck is full of puncture wounds; it is HORRIFIC.”

And this on Tuesday:

“The police did show up at the scene of the attack and did track down the owner, who was hiding in some nearby bushes after leaving the scene. They turned his info over to the Animal Control, but he is homeless and not easily accessible. When Animal Control ran his name through their system, it did not come up, but that doesn’t mean the dog hasn’t been in any trouble. (It could have been registered under another owner’s name.) We are turning over a detailed report of the incident, along with photographs of all injuries sustained, vet bills, etc, to Animal Control tomorrow. We will be eager to see where it goes. This dog is extremely vicious, and the more people are warned the better. My dog’s injuries are horrific; another dog could have easily been killed.

An update is that Animal Control has gotten involved, now that they have become more clear on the significance of the injuries sustained by both Matt and Brody. The tricky part of the case is that the dog owner is homeless, and not easy to track down. Matt said that the dog is a brown Pit bull with some white markings on it. The owner (white male possibly in his 30’s) was walking it on a rope.

We have just returned from another trip to the Vet with some further swelling issues surfacing. During the bandage change all injuries were photographed and photos will be turned over to Animal Control for their records. (Matt’s injured hand also.) I will continue to post updates if there are new developments. Again, thanks neighbors!”

UPDATE Jan. 16 5:15 p.m.: Since this incident occurred outside of Burien’s city limits, we reached out to Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), and here’s their response:

RASKC takes all animal attack reports seriously, and this case is no exception. We responded to a call transferred by the King County Sheriff’s Office at 11:20am Monday and arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

Our Animal Control Officer took initial statements from the victim, including a description of the dog and owner. We are still collecting information to document the injuries sustained by the victim. Based on the victim’s statement and the observations from KCSO, we are concerned for the safety of the community with this dog’s behavior. We are working with local law enforcement to locate the owner, impound the dog, and complete our investigation and make citations as warranted.

As always, if someone is attacked by an animal, or sees an attack taking place, they should call 9-1-1 right away.

We also checked with the City of Burien for their policy on dog-on-dog attacks, and here’s their response:

“The answer is not simple since the threshold for the police department getting involved is based on the ‘criminality,’ not the aggressiveness of the attack on the other dog,” said Sgt. Henry McLauchlain of the Burien Police Department. “In other words if the case rises to the level of criminal intent or violation of criminal law the police department either takes on the investigation or assists animal control/CARES with the investigation and filing of charges.”

“We have had a few cases recently where someone has been walking a dog and another dog attacks the “walked dog” without injury by the attacking dog to the walking party. In those cases, again, unless it can be established that the attacking dogs owner purposefully set the attacking dog on the walking dog it’s a dog fight and CARES issue. If the animal were to attack a human, different story and a criminal investigation would be started with CARES.”

And here’s what Debra George, Executive Director of Burien CARES Animal Control, said:

“For any Dog Attack, be it human or animal the first call should be to 911, they will then dispatch us after dispatching the police first. CARES is on call 24/7 for situations such as these.”

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  1. Dollarsfordollars says:

    …so sad, hope your dogs and Matt will be OK. Hope they catch this creep.

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