White Center Community Development Association’s Mikel Davila is Leaving

We just received this via email – White Center Community Development Association Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager Mikel Davila is leaving as of March 1:

Dear friends, mentors and colleagues,

I’m writing to announce my departure from the White Center Community Development Association as of March 1st and the Pacific Northwest as of April 1st. I will be moving back to my hometown in the Bay Area – closer to family – where I am excited to continue working for local economic growth with sustainable businesses.

It has been an incredible experience to work alongside you and learn from you during the past year. In that time, we’ve made a positive impact in White Center together developing authentic leaders and I feel confident that I’m leaving a strong tight-knit community that will continue to strive for equity.

Thank you for the support, partnership, and fun you have provided me during my time working with you in the community. Though I will miss working with you for now, I look forward to crossing paths in the future.

I wish you the best. Please feel free to contact me at my CDA email until March 1st and via my LinkedIn page listed below to keep in touch.

Thank you for all the work you do to support White Center.



P.S. Please look out for a job announcement on the WCCDA website next week and distribute as you see fit.

Mikel Davila
Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager
White Center Community Development Association
1615 SW Cambridge Street, Seattle, WA 98106
Tel. (206) 694-1082 x166
Fax. (206) 658-8344
[email protected]

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